The 2022 Peet's Coffee Fall Drinks, Ranked From Best To Worst

Fall may be about the changing leaves, cooler weather, and seasonal fashion trends, but, for many, it's all about drinking coffee. According to Well + Good, Starbucks released its infamous pumpkin spice latte back in 2003, meaning that fall has been a time for seasonal drinks for almost two decades. And, while many trends from that era have gone to the wayside, the pumpkin spice latte has remained a constant fall favorite.

Soon after the success of Starbucks' fall-inspired menu, other coffee giants followed suit. Peet's Coffee, which is known for having fresh, high-quality coffee, was one of them. According to Dripped Coffee, Peet's handles its coffee a bit differently than most chains. It focuses on freshness, ensuring coffee beans are at the ideal age when roasting.

So, it makes sense that coffee lovers flock to Peet's all year round, but, specifically, when it releases fall drinks. So, when we looked over the chain's fall menu, we knew we had to try them all — and we ranked them from best to worst, so you don't have to.

Pumpkin cold brew oat latte with brown sugar jelly

Considering Peet's released its fall menu in August, per A Cup Everyday, we had to put a cold brew option at the top of our list. While this drink may be best suited before you throw on your sweater, the notes of pumpkin and oat make it the ideal drink for the season. 

According to Peet's, this drink is a blend of pumpkin pie syrup and oat milk and includes a unique ingredient: a scoop of brown sugar jelly, all topped with a float of Baridi cold brew concentrate and baking spice. If you're looking for a spin on the typical pumpkin drink, this is the ultimate option.

Pumpkin latte

While this one may seem basic, Peet's makes its pumpkin latte with hand-pulled espresso and steamed milk, making it anything but typical. Pete's refers to it as the "essential autumn treat," per A Cup Everyday, and it's a great go-to if you want something fall-inspired without getting too crazy with your coffee order. 

The pumpkin makes this espresso drink rich, and the sprinkle of spice at the top will instantly warm you up. Plus, if you live in a warmer climate or love your iced coffee year-round, you can order the pumpkin latte iced as well.

Caramel apple latte

Many people may scrunch up their nose when they hear apple and coffee in the same sentence. But, before you swear this one off, give it a try. According to Peet's, this drink has "rich, seasonal caramel apple butter syrup layered with our Espresso Forte® and perfectly steamed milk, all crowned with our signature caramel swirl." 

And, if you want to give the apple coffee trend a try, Peet's is the place to do it. According to QSR Magazine, Peet's invests a ton of time creating these fall drinks, using the highest quality ingredients and ensuring all baristas know the right method for making them.

Apple cinnamon oat latte

Clearly, Peet's is all about apples this year — and for good reason. Sure, fall is about pumpkins, but, just as often as we head to the pumpkin patch, we are also spending our weekend apple picking and enjoying things like apple pie and apple cider. So, it makes sense that apple would be the statement flavor this season. 

The apple cinnamon oat latte takes that statement in a delicious way. It includes caramel apple syrup and steamed oat milk, all topped with signature espresso, per A Cup Everyday. But, while delicious, there's a reason this one lands at the bottom of our list: It is only available to Peetnick Rewards Members, so you'll need to become a member to try it.

Get them before they're gone

In addition to the drinks above, Peet's also released the chicken and waffles sandwich, a favorite from 2021, per Elite Daily. It has gouda, chicken sausage, and maple bacon, all sandwiched between two delicious maple waffles.

Many of us look forward to fall drinks all year long. Unfortunately, the season to get them is quite short. According to A Cup Everyday, while Peet's debuted its autumn drinks on Aug. 24, 2022, they're only around until Nov. 1. After that, the fall seasonal drinks will be replaced by this year's holiday menu — so make sure to find your local Peet's and order the pumpkin cold brew before it's too late!