What Sarah Ferguson Secretly Called The Queen

Throughout his life, Prince Andrew had a special relationship with Queen Elizabeth II. Even the Netflix series "The Crown" portrayed the now disgraced prince as the queen's favorite child (via Elle). Many royal watchers believe they shared a more special bond because he was born 12 years after his brother, King Charles III, when Queen Elizabeth had more time to devote to a young child.

Since Prince Andrew was such a special member of the family to the queen, it's not surprising that she reportedly had a positive relationship with his wife Sarah Ferguson, according to People. So much so that when Sarah chose to divorce Andrew in the 1990s, the queen was hopeful she would change her mind on the subject and stay with her son in the end.

Following the divorce, Sarah remained close to both Prince Andrew and the rest of the royal family, including the queen. Following her tragic passing, Sarah shared the special nickname she had for her illustrious mother-in-law.

Sarah had a cute nickname for her former mother-in-law

Sarah Ferguson shared a close bond with her former mother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth II. When the queen passed away, Sarah shared a heartfelt message on Twitter. "I am heartbroken by the passing of Her Majesty the Queen," the former wife of Prince Andrew wrote. "She leaves behind an extraordinary legacy: the most fantastic example of duty and service and steadfastness, and a constant steadying presence as our head of state for more than 70 years."

Sarah had shared prior that Queen Elizabeth was more of a motherly figure in her life than her own mother. So, it's no surprise that she had an endearing nickname for the monarch. When promoting her new novel, "A Heart for a Compass," Sarah opened up about her bond with Queen Elizabeth (per Hello!). She called her "the boss."

"It's been all my life that I've known the boss and there's no one like her," she shared. "I wouldn't do anything unless the boss gave me her blessing though, and still to this day, I think about that." She added: "When we wrote the book, I gave it to the boss and I said, 'You don't need to read it.'" However, the queen did read the book (via Hello!). "I think she was so proud that we did it. And that's just huge for me. She was just very, very special."