Jinger Duggar Vuolo Announces A Super Unexpected Move

Having a large family means that your life is never boring. That's certainly true of the Duggars, the famed "19 Kids & Counting" clan. It seems like every day, one or more family members are sharing big news on social media. In 2022 alone, weddings and births abounded. Son Jedidiah and his wife, Katey, welcomed their first baby, Truett Oliver, while Jed's twin brother, Jeremiah, married Hannah Wissmann; five months later, they announced they were expecting (per Page Six). Another brother, John-David, had his second baby, a boy named Charlie, and sister Jill Duggar Dillard gave birth to her third son, Frederick. Most recently, Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth announced the big news that a sibling is on the way for Gideon and Evelyn.

Sister Jinger Duggar Vuolo has been keeping busy, too. She and her husband, Jeremy, published a children's book, launched a YouTube vlog, and began sharing favorite family recipes onlineJinger also recently surprised fans by attending an unexpected concert. However, she saved her biggest surprise for a few days later, when she posted a video announcement on Instagram. "Guys, we have big news...we're moving," Jinger said. Sure enough, the short reel showed empty closets and stacked boxes, and linked to a longer YouTube video where the Vuolos shared more details.

The move represents the end of an era for Jinger

Since their wedding, Jinger Duggar Vuolo and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, have moved from Arkansas to Texas, and from there to L.A. Now, they're pulling up stakes again, but as their YouTube video clarifies, they're not changing locations. "We're not moving out of California, for those of you who think we are, and [who] were starting to clap and cheer for us," Jinger explains. "But we love California, and so we're staying in California." 

The couple and their two young daughters had been renting a house and hadn't been planning to move just yet. But friends of theirs clued them into a property that had just come on the market, and after looking at it, "we knew it was the perfect house for us," Jinger says. In Touch Weekly reveals that they bought the five-bedroom home for $830,000.

Because their rental had come furnished, the move was relatively easy. They boxed up their personal items — including an impressive collection of coffee mugs — and took the rest of their stuff out of storage. Jinger also took one unexpected memento: One of the pieces of black tape that had been set around the living room to mark the location of furniture and lights during the filming of the TLC show "Counting On." As Jeremy put it, "[It's] the end of an era." But with a gorgeous new home in which to make memories, the Vuolos' new era is looking bright.