Ron DeSantis' Latest Claim Has Twitter Divided

Hurricane Ian was a category 4 storm that resulted in the tragic deaths of 123 people in Florida, as well as untold billions of dollars in damage, making it potentially the costliest storm in the history of the Sunshine State (via CNN). With those sobering facts in mind, consider Governor Ron DeSantis' new claim that Ian did not result in enough of a catastrophe as some people had hoped.

That's right — the Republican, whose recent appearance with President Joe Biden got some fans pumped, said in an interview with Florida's Voice that the national "regime" media "wanted to see Tampa, because they thought that that'd be worse for Florida. That's how these people think" (via The Hill). The likely-2024 candidate for president, whose seemingly Nancy Sinatra-inspired footwear recently sent Twitter into a tizzy, went on to claim, "They don't care about the people of this state. They don't care about this community."

DeSantis added that even "storms and destruction" are used to carve out "their" political agenda.

Predictably, Twitter had some thoughts.

Ron DeSantis definitely got people talking with his comments

Ron DeSantis found both support for and condemnation of his comments about mainstream media outlets hoping Hurricane Ian would have imposed its destruction on the Tampa area of Florida rather than further south. Some people found the comments laughable. One individual said the legislator is "a low-life" for suggesting such a thing. Likewise, someone else tweeted that DeSantis is an awful state leader and human. And yet another observer felt the Floridian's take showed his narcissistic side, while a definite non-fan opined that the would-be presidential candidate is "dangerous."

But others agreed with the Republican's take, with one Twitter user saying the "liberal media is a disgrace." And another supporter tweeted, "The media sadly, injects politics into everything." Someone else simply called DeSantis' take "accurate." Finally, another like-minded individual tweeted in part, "The media wanted DeSantis to fail at managing the emergency of [Hurricane Ian]. The media did not get its wish."

Of course, one joke was repeated over and over again that basically stated most people were just hoping the storm would hit Mar-a-Lago, not Tampa.