Which Big Brother Stars Are About To Make A Bold And Beautiful Appearance?

Winning "Big Brother" is an accomplishment that doesn't come easy. However, there are plenty of advantages to being named the final houseguest standing on the CBS reality series. Not only does the winner earn a large cash sum, but there are also opportunities that go along with it. One of the advantages of being a "Big Brother" fan favorite is getting the chance to appear on the network's soap opera, "The Bold and The Beautiful," per CBS.

During Season 23, contestant Xavier Prather, who was known as "X" by his fellow housemates, made history when he and the five other Black cast members formed an alliance named The Cookout in order to ensure that they were the final six and that "Big Brother" would crown it's first ever Black winner (via Entertainment Weekly). Later Prather appeared on "The Bold and The Beautiful" like so many other former "Big Brother" winners of the past.

During Season 24 of "Big Brother," the show made history again when Taylor Hale won, making her the first Black woman to reign victorious on the reality television series. "It was very rewarding to me to carry the trauma, the harm, and the hurt that a lot of [Black] women had to experience and go through it myself and still come out victorious because we deserve to see ourselves as victors in the game," Hale said of her historic win (via Heavy). Now that Season 24 has wrapped, some cast members are keeping with tradition and will try their hand at acting on a soap opera.

Big Brother 24 heads to B&B

Taylor Hale's historic run to victory during Season 24 of "Big Brother" has now led her to a cameo on "The Bold and The Beautiful" like many former contestants before her. However, she won't be alone. Hale will be joined by the season's runner-up, Monte Taylor, and a fan-favorite of the season, Joseph Abdin, per Soaps. During the season, Hale had close relationships with both Taylor and Abdin, even engaging in a "showmance" with Taylor late in the game.

Recently, "The Bold and The Beautiful" shared a video of Hale, Taylor, and Abdin behind the scenes and revealed that all three will be appearing on the sudser in the very near future. "We are so excited to be here filming a really awesome episode to show you all. We can't tell you when it's airing but stay tuned. You'll see pretty soon," Hale said of the group's appearance.

The trio was also part of Season 24's biggest alliance, The Leftovers, during their time in the "Big Brother" house. The alliance also included four other houseguests and made some big moves throughout the season, which took out serious threats and some of the season's top competitors. For her part, Hale won the Head of Household competition twice and also made history when host Julie Chen announced she was the show's first winner to also be awarded the cash prize for America's favorite player (via Us Weekly). Now, Hale gets to try her hand at acting thanks to her iconic win.