The Makeup Tutorial That Will Turn You Into Scarlet Witch In Time For Halloween

Ever since her induction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Scarlet Witch has stolen the hearts of Marvel fans everywhere. In her role as the legendary comic book character, Elizabeth Olsen has cast a spell on both purists of the original comics and cinephiles, while also subverting the superhero genre with her realistic portrayal of a woman flawed who just happens to have powers. 

In a snapshot of the hold that Marvel Studio's "WandaVision" had on the world, the three-time Emmy-winning limited series generated a significant amount of search traffic over its competitors on Google and sparked engaging conversations across various talk shows, Decider reported. Though not everyone was betting on "WandaVision," including Paul Bettany himself, it went on to become a smash hit and a cultural icon.

It's officially decided that Scarlet Witch is here to save Halloween with her bold makeup looks. The exact lipstick that Elizabeth Olsen wore for "WandaVision's" Halloween episode, titled "All-New Halloween Spooktacular," was Pat McGrath's MatteTrance Lipstick in the fiery color "Forbidden Love." Her cheeky play on the Scarlet Witch costume in the comics was spot on.

Watch this scarily accurate homage to the original Scarlet Witch costume

If "WandaVision" was your most-streamed show, celebrate the spooky season by paying homage to this powerful mutant. In a stunning YouTube makeup tutorial, Beauty blogger Alyson Tabbitha completely transformed into Wanda Maximoff (and even the woman behind her) with strategic brow coloring and placement, contouring, and rosy hues. Tabbitha started off by laying down a basic foundation for her look, and covered her own eyebrows in order to nail Scarlet Witch's signature auburn ones. 

To do this, she used a glue stick to hold her brow hairs in place, and then dabbed foundation over them so she could map out her desired shape. Allure cautioned that non-toxic glues (that preferably glide on clear) are the safest choice for brow coverage. After contouring her face for more defined cheeks and jaw, Tabbitha added color to her look. She expertly planned out each step to get a flushed look in her beauty tutorial. For her finishing touch, she rocked colored eye contacts and a DIY Scarlet Witch headpiece.

Channel Elizabeth Olsen's dark makeup look in the final episode of WandaVision

Cosplayer and makeup artist Carmen Estrada broke down one of Scarlet Witch's most popular looks in "WandaVision." This look was one of many that inspired the Ulta x WandaVision makeup collection that was launched in 2021, per Bustle. Estrada's YouTube beauty tutorial put Wanda's eyes in center focus, and also complimented Olsen's natural green shade with the help of contacts, though that is optional.

Estrada prepped her eyelids with primer before applying maroon eyeshadow into the crease, following it up with a neutral dark brown eyeshadow at the end. She then used pinkish-brown eyeshadow as a base, and lined her under eye with the same shade. Overall, Estrada's eyeshadow technique revolved around layering her look with a series of neutral tones for emphasis. The beauty blogger gave her brows a brown tint and, after dabbing her under eye with powder, contoured her face. Her Scarlet Witch headpiece was taken straight from the "WandaVision" finale.

Bring on the madness with Scarlet Witch's updated costume

Celebrity makeup artist and "WandaVision" makeup department head Tricia Sawyer truly set the precedent for Scarlet Witch's beauty aesthetics and crafted a defining look for the witch in both the limited series and in "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness." Makeup blogger Madalyn Cline did Scarlet Witch justice with her gorgeous take on her look in the "Doctor Strange" sequel.

In her YouTube tutorial, she prioritized her skin's health by making it a point to apply sunscreen before her makeup, and added an illuminating moisturizer into the mix. Cline used concealer in her under eye area for a smooth surface, and then layered on her liquid foundation. Cline gave her under eye area extra love throughout her video, and applied a neutral shade of pink on her lower lash line. To give her eyes more color, she created a smokey eye using burgundy and maroon eyeshadow, and then filled in the spot above her eyelid/beneath her brows using a metallic shade. Her cat eye at the end of her video was pure perfection.