Do The Bold And The Beautiful Fans Really Think Thomas Has Changed For The Better?

"The Bold and the Beautiful" character Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) is certainly a player that a lot of people have had to keep their eye on for one reason or another. There's no doubt that many viewers recall the story behind Thomas falling in love with a mannequin or all the things he's done in the past — like when he first started getting creepily obsessed with Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) or punched his father Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Ridge) in the face, as detailed by Soaps. But he's also shown some redeeming qualities, too. He's displayed a lot of interest in wanting to raise his son Douglas Forrester full-time again, so much so that even fans have been clashing over his new custody battle with Hope.

And while there are some people who think that Thomas is a person who will never change, like Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang), per Soap Hub, others seem to be convinced that he's definitely shown a much softer side to his personality. However, others think that he's still the manipulative Forrester son that he's always been.

Some fans don't believe that Thomas has changed at all

Just because he's done some dirty deeds in the past doesn't mean Thomas Forrester can't try and turn his wrongs into rights on "The Bold and the Beautiful." According to the latest episode of the hit CBS soap, even Thomas himself couldn't believe how his ex Hope Logan has managed to see the best in him. Well, make that Thomas and many "The Bold and the Beautiful" fans, too. 

Some viewers have suggested that it might have been Thomas who faked Brooke's call to Child Protection Services, which has prompted Ridge Forrester to pull the plug on their marriage, as detailed by Soaps. A lot of them took to Twitter to comment on the matter with sentiments such as, "Yeah, the loser who stole her CHILD and wasn't going to give her back until HIS SON he ABUSED revealed it. He's a swell guy!" along with, "Why is Hope the one in peril? She tried to kill him, not vice versa. He's practically her servant. Thomas is the one in peril of spending the rest of his life alone because of his false idealization of another person."

In other words, many are convinced that Thomas is still up to his own tricks and that the only person who doesn't see this is Hope. Talk about deja vu, huh?