Joe Biden's Tearful Voicemail To Hunter Sends Twitter Into A Meltdown

Yesterday, Fox News host Sean Hannity aired an emotional and private message that President Joe Biden sent to his embattled son in 2018.

"It's Dad," the commander in chief says in the tough-to-hear voicemail. "I called to tell you I love you. I love you more than the whole world, pal. You gotta get some help. I know you don't know what to do. I don't either" (via Newsweek).

As the Daily Mail reports, the voicemail is especially noteworthy not only because it'll pull at your heartstrings, guaranteed, but due to its timing. Last week, it was revealed that the FBI has enough evidence to charge Hunter Biden in its ongoing investigation. Now, the U.S. Attorney in Delaware has to decide whether to actually move forward with the case.

In the meantime, we now know that President Biden was aware that his son was struggling with addiction when he purchased a firearm in October of 2018. Therefore, there is no question that the first son was untruthful when he filled out a gun purchase form and did not admit to using illegal drugs at the time, per the Daily Mail, making his Delaware gun procurement a felony that carries a maximum sentence of a decade in prison.

Despite this grim reality, Twitter is reacting to the leaked message with equal emotion.

Twitter is moved by Joe Biden's voicemail

The Democrat knowing about his son's very serious drug challenges at the time he bought a gun is not at all what Twitter is talking about after the release of the tearful voicemail between a father and a son.

Instead, overwhelmingly, upon hearing the personal recording, Twitter was impressed with the President's compassion for Hunter during what was clearly a very difficult time for the entire Biden family. As one person opined, the voicemail proved once and for all that the 46th POTUS is a "fundamentally decent human being" with more Twitter users expressing similar sentiments. For instance, as someone else tweeted in reaction, "Who else has even more respect for President Biden after this?"

Meanwhile, another common belief expressed by Twitter users after hearing the recording was that if Sean Hannity was trying to demonize the President by sharing this voicemail, he definitely failed. "So this was the big got ya moment? A father expressing love for his son struggling with addiction?" asked one such individual.

At time of writing, neither Biden had commented on the voicemail.