The Latest Fallout From The Hunter Biden Investigation Is Raising Eyebrows

The federal investigation into President Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden's business dealings has been going on for years now — since 2018 to be exact (via CNN). But with the FBI under scrutiny following the raid at former president Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate, and calls for equal treatment of the two men, the first son's case is in the spotlight again (via The Washington Post).

Now, the latest development in the ongoing case is getting a lot of attention, with the GOP leader, whose Truth Social platform is also allegedly feeling the heat, raising a red flag about its broader implications.

The Washington Times reports that Timothy Thibault, an assistant special agent at the FBI, has suddenly resigned after a 25-year tenure in light of allegations that he acted with political bias in keeping the president's son out of trouble in the course of the investigation into his business conduct. The outlet noted Thibault may also have been fired.

This development comes after FBI Director Christopher Wray publicly condemned alleged social media posts that the agent, who was leading the Washington field office, allegedly shared showing clear bias (via Politico). 

The FBI agent stands accused of protecting Hunter Biden

According to The New York Post, Timothy Thibault was on leave for the past month in light of a congressional review of his alleged bias, led by Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa).

Supervisory Intelligence Analyst Brian Auten is also being accused of working with Thibault in what Grassley described in a letter to the FBI as a scheme to "undermine derogatory information connected to Hunter Biden by falsely suggesting it was disinformation." 

It's worth noting that Auten, who remains at the agency, is part of the largely-discredited team that led the investigation into Russian collusion involving former President Donald Trump (via RealClearInvestigations). Alarmingly, this team oversaw the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago.

Meanwhile, Grassley further accused Thibault of closing another "matter" that would have made Biden look bad without explanation.

And not surprisingly, former president Donald Trump had, well, a lot to say about the unfolding situation, including a pretty big ask of the country.

Donald Trump takes a big swing after the FBI agent's dismissal

Donald Trump commented on the breaking news of Timothy Thibault having left the FBI via Truth Social in a scathing post. "The Presidential Election was BADLY & IRREPARABLY TAINTED by the FBI's FAKE description of the 'Laptop from Hell' to Facebook & the LameStream Media – & for MANY other reasons as well," he said in part, going on to demand a new election or to declare the past election "irrepreparably compromised" (via People).

He was referring in part to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg having admitted the social site suppressed stories about Hunter Biden before the 2020 election due to allegedly having received intelligence from the FBI about potential Russian propaganda around the matter (via New York Post).

The revelation was made during the Meta executive's appearance on Joe Rogan's podcast. For its part, the FBI responded in a statement that it "routinely notifies U.S. private sector entities, including social media providers, of potential threat information, so that they can decide how to better defend against threats" (via Fox Business).

The agency added nothing specific to Biden was shared with Facebook ahead of the 2020 election.