The U.S. Attorney In Delaware Has A Huge Decision To Make About Hunter Biden

It has been four long years since the investigation into Joe Biden's son's taxes began (via CBS News). And yet, Hunter Biden has yet to be charged with any crime. The case has been fraught with drama, with senior FBI agents being accused of political bias. It was also recently reported that Liz Cheney's husband's law firm represented the embattled first son. Remember, the Wyoming native is no fan of former president Donald Trump.

Now, the day for Hunter to potentially face charges has arrived, with The Washington Post reporting that the FBI has enough evidence against him to proceed. The alleged crimes are both tax and gun related, according to the outlet. However, it's still unclear if the U.S. Attorney in Delaware will actually charge the President's second son — and that decision is more complicated than you may think.

David C. Weiss, who serves in the position, was appointed by Trump (via And, according to CNN, prosecutors are in no rush to charge Biden, with a final decision not likely to come until after the midterm elections in November. That said, according to Fox News, liberals are not happy that reports are coming out about potential charges during this crucial run-up to the midterms.

Twitter stands as divided as this country

Twitter exploded with reaction to the news that Hunter Biden may finally be charged following the ongoing investigation into his taxes and other business dealings. Supporters were sure to remind Americans that the President's son is not officially involved in Joe Biden's administration. Others called the timing of the announcement that charges could be brought "suspicious." And many Twitter users were intent on turning their attention back to the ongoing investigation of Donald Trump.

But on the other side of the aisle, social media users weren't so sure the dots couldn't be connected between Hunter and his dad. One prominent voice who joined the conversation was Rep. Lauren Boebert, never one to shy away from controversy, even regarding seemingly banal issues like PSLs, and who tweeted, "The question isn't if Hunter Biden committed a federal crime, it's whether or not justice will be served."

And the always-divisive former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly even went as far as to suggest charges brought against Hunter could expose ties to his father and lead to impeachment proceedings in a GOP-packed House and Senate (via Newsmax).