Everything You Need For A Ted Lasso For Halloween Costume This Fall

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"Ted Lasso" is an award-winning comedy show on Apple TV+ that stars the well-known comedian Jason Sudeikis. First premiering in 2020, the series follows an American football coach as he relocates to London for a job leading a British soccer team (per IMDb). Winning 11 Emmy Awards across its first two seasons and scoring 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, the funny and lighthearted show has been something of a hit.

It's understandable why some fans would be using Halloween to express their excitement about the series. Some years it's fun to embrace the spookiness of Halloween, going for a zombie makeup look or the classic Halloween witch costume, but it can also be a great time to pay homage to your year-round favorites.

Whether you're weighing your options at the beginning of the month or DIYing something last minute, there are several great looks that can be pulled from "Ted Lasso" for your Halloween costume.

Dress as the titular Ted Lasso

If you're thinking of wearing a "Ted Lasso" costume for Halloween this year, then you might have been inspired by the show's main character. Luckily, the titular Ted Lasso has a well-defined, relatively easy-to-recreate look that you can replicate with only a handful of pieces.

For starters, think khaki pants and a whistle, the foundation of almost every coach's everyday outfit. You can go in a few different directions for the top portion of your Lasso look. PopSugar mentions that a pullover sweater layered on top of a button-up shirt works well. If you're willing to go all out, you can buy a branded AFC Richmond sweater from the Warner Brothers Shop, as seen on the show.

Country Living also suggests a blue puffer jacket similar to the one that Lasso wears on the show for your costume, which is something you might be able to pull from your closet or borrow from your friend. To finish the ensemble, add a fake mustache, an iconic element of the Lasso look, and some aviator sunglasses. You can even throw on a branded visor or beanie, found on the WB Shop or on Etsy to really round it out.

Go for a more general, but still iconic, look

For your "Ted Lasso" Halloween costume, you can also choose a look that isn't as character specific as the previous one. For example, Cosmopolitan mentions the tracksuit look that is worn by Ted, Nate, and Coach Beard as a great Halloween pick. In this way, you can recreate the tracksuit look to be any three of these characters. Plus, it works great as a group costume.

This outfit shares several accessories with the Lasso look, including a whistle, aviators, and a visor or ball cap, but mainly consists of a blue tracksuit. Amazon has track jackets specific to the show, meaning they feature a similar design and the exact team logo, but it's a bit expensive. Etsy and Walmart both sell similar items that are varyingly cheaper and would also work great. If you really wanted to, you could DIY an AFC Richmond logo using construction paper and markers, but any plain blue windbreaker would really work.

PopSugar also suggests dressing like an AFC Richmond Player, which can be made specific to notable characters like Dani Rojas, Sam Obisanya, and Jamie Tartt, or work as a group costume. To recreate this outfit, you'll need a blue sports jersey, white sports shorts, and knee-high yellow socks (per Cosmopolitan).

Amazon has some reasonably-priced, player-specific jerseys that would work great for the costume, but the entire costume can be bought premade from Spirit Halloween if you aren't up to working with the specifics.