Inside The Unexpected Way Rosaline Turns The Romeo And Juliet Trope On Its Head

If you went through the United States' public education system — or had a flair for the dramatics as a teenager — chances are you read "Romeo and Juliet." The seminal work by William Shakespeare tells the tragic love story of two star-crossed lovers, destined to be together but kept apart due to the familial hatred shared by the older generations. As with any beloved play, "Romeo and Juliet" has been adapted many times over, brought to life on the screen and stage to the delight of audiences everywhere. From the heart-swooning balcony scene to the tragic deaths of both young lovers, the Shakespeare classic never fails to disappoint. But what ever happened to Romeo's ex? That's​​ the real question the new film "Rosaline," set to drop on Hulu on October 14, sets out to answer.

The titular character, Rosaline, is brought to life by the dazzling Kaitlyn Dever, and her quick-witted approach to the ex-girlfriend we all have been before is fresh, funny, and incredibly entertaining. Of course, both Romeo and Juliet — played by Kyle Allen and Isabela Merced respectively — are key players in the film, Rosaline besotted that her boyfriend would suddenly say the same things to Juliet as he did to her... three days prior. Ahead of the film's premiere, we joined the cast during a press conference where they dished all about the movie, the new takes on old characters, and the electric way "Rosaline" turns the classic "Romeo and Juliet" on its head. After watching this film, you'll never look at Romeo the same way.

Romeo was far more lovesick than prior adaptations, Kyle Allen shares

When reading the famous balcony scene from "Romeo and Juliet" or even watching Baz Luhrmann's take on the story in his 1996 hit, it's clear to pretty much everyone that Romeo only has eyes for Juliet. The two young lovers are so taken by one another that they have little regard for anyone else, sadly leading them to their deaths. It all sounds rather dramatic, and yet "Rosaline" flips the script in an incredibly humorous and relatable way. While joining the cast during a press conference ahead of the film's release, Kyle Allen shared that this Romeo is — in fact — a hopeless romantic who would literally fall in love with anyone (or anything). Not to say that Juliet isn't dazzling, but the modern version of the love-struck hero is quite different to what audiences have come to know.

"Romeo would fall in love with a stick if you'd let him," Allen hilariously shared of Romeo in "Rosaline." "He's completely obsessed with the concept and the idea of love. Other than that, that's pretty much the entirety of his personality. He doesn't have much else going on."

Now we're curious as to what both Rosaline and Juliet saw in such a love-obsessed young man, but given how easy Allen is on the eyes, we don't doubt that his puppy love charm and charming good looks had something to do with it.

Juliet is far more determined in the Rosaline adaption

While the classic Romeo is a lovestruck, compelled young man who literally gives his life for the woman he loves, the well-known Juliet is a gentle, softly spoken young thing who only has eyes for the dazzling Montague. And while "Rosaline" certainly presents the beloved characters as completely taken with one another, Isabela Merced's Juliet is a far cry from the soft-spoken, fragile role we've come to know it as — she is both emotional and strong, sympathetic and headstrong — presenting a far more multifaceted take on the character. During the press conference with the cast of "Rosaline," Merced spoke to Juliet's feminist streak and how both she and Kaitlyn Dever's Rosaline present two sides of the same headstrong coin.

"Juliet is a strong woman, but she's also very sensitive and emotional and sympathetic and empathetic," Merced explained of her character. "I think Rosaline and Juliet do a great job of representing both sides of what feminism and what womanhood really is — you can be strong and you can be sentimental and sensitive, and still be an independent woman. I think it's nice to see the two extremes of rebellion and then sweetness and kind of a naïveté."

To say that "Rosaline" presents an entirely new take on the beloved classic is an understatement — simply put, you won't want to miss this sure-to-be hit film.

"Rosaline" is streaming exclusively on Hulu starting October 14th.