Celebs Who Surprisingly Live On A Tight Budget

Though plenty of stars enjoy flaunting their wealth with luxurious purchases, expensive vacations, and massive mansions, not every celebrity is an excessive spender. There are plenty of beloved actors, artists, and public figures who prefer to live on a budget. Likewise, just because you see a star rocking designer duds and pricey diamonds for red-carpet events doesn't mean that the celeb actually paid for them. In reality, many of these public figures borrow these pricey, high-fashion looks from designers and return them at a later date. But, of course, getting items on loan isn't the only way these celebs save.

For example, Halle Berry has often been spotted checking out sale racks in stores as well as shopping at the budget-friendly CVS, per MoneyWise. Similarly, stars like Carrie Underwood, Kristen Bell, and Lady Gaga are big fans of coupons. Bell, in particular, enjoys receiving savings from Bed, Bath & Beyond. With plenty of thrifty practices among them, these celebs prove that being frugal isn't always a reflection of someone's bank account. So whether you're looking for some saving inspiration or are just curious about which stars aren't big spenders, you'll definitely want to know more about the celebs who prefer to live a modest lifestyle.

Keira Knightley allegedly limits her yearly spending to about $50K

When it comes to budgeting, it would appear that actor Keira Knightley is more than willing to make sacrifices. During a 2014 interview with Glamour, the magazine questioned the star about a 2012 statement that claimed Knightley gave herself a salary of $50,000. The "Pirates of the Caribbean" star replied, "Yes, it's something around that. I mean, if I want or need something that goes over that, I get it, but, yes, around that." The actor then explained that she found lavish living to be isolating. "I think living an [expensive] lifestyle means you can't hang out with people who don't live that lifestyle. It alienates you," she said, adding that many of her best memories happened in budget-friendly places.

While it may seem shocking that an actor who is reportedly worth $80 million would limit herself to a small fraction of her own money, it turns out that it might not be entirely accurate. The same year it was reported that the "Pride & Prejudice" star only spent around $50,000 a year, Time magazine suggested that the claim wasn't exactly accurate. "It's not true," Knightley told the write-up during an interview. "I don't know where that rumor comes from." However, the outlet itself noted that it was Knightley's Glamour interview that reported the information.

Tiffany Haddish still uses Groupon

When it comes to being a celebrity, "Girls Trip" star Tiffany Haddish isn't letting her fame change her opinions on finances. "I still drive a Honda HR-V. It's a hybrid," she told People in 2017. Haddish went on to list more budget-friendly choices: "I still have a fake [Michael] Kors purse, but I got a real Givenchy bag, and Jada [Pinkett Smith] just gave me a Fendi bag. I haven't paid for these bags. These are gifts." Likewise, the comedian isn't about to drop serious dollars on her purchases. She revealed to the outlet that the last bag that she'd actually purchased was a Madden Girl backpack that was on sale for $45. "I'm probably going to be cheap with my money for a long time," she said.

Her choice to remain frugal makes sense, considering the star had previously experienced homelessness. So it's also no surprise that Haddish is a big fan of Groupon. According to the outlet, the "Night School" star loves the saving site so much that she even took Jada Pinkett Smith and her husband Will Smith on a Groupon Louisiana swamp tour, which she later recounted on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Haddish's passion for discount deals also extends to her day-to-day life and activities. "I love Groupon," she stated. "I just got a pedicure because of Groupon, and it was the best pedicure ever."

Mila Kunis got her and Ashton Kutcher's wedding bands on Etsy

When it comes to frugal celebrities, there's no question that Mila Kunis knows how to find herself a good bargain. According to MarketWatch, the "Bad Moms" star revealed via the podcast "Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend" that her thrifty ways are largely thanks to her experience as an immigrant. "Because I am an immigrant, I think that creates a different perspective on what the value of a dollar is and what hard work is," she stated. Kunis also shared that she spent cautiously for a long time. Likewise, the actor is focused on reducing waste and isn't a fan of buying plastic bottles.

Additionally, the write-up stated that Kunis is a big fan of coupons, promo codes, and saving sites. "I'm a big supporter of Groupon," the star said. She added, "I have walked into restaurants with a Groupon; I use it all the time." While chatting with Conan (via USA Today), Kunis also revealed that she purchased her and her husband Ashton Kutcher's wedding bands on Etsy for just $190. As she explained, after seeing the prices in traditional retail stores, she knew she could find a better deal. "So, I went on Etsy and I was like, '$90?' I was like, 'Buy now!' Ashton's was $100, so technically his wedding band was a little bit more expensive."

Lady Gaga loves a good sale

When you think of frugal celebrities, Lady Gaga probably isn't the first star that comes to mind, but according to the Irish Examiner, she definitely should be. As noted by the outlet, Lady Gaga knows how to get excellent deals. The write-up stated that the "Poker Face" singer rarely spends money on herself, something that led her manager to assume she must have lost her credit cards. However, Lady Gaga said, "I didn't get into this business for the money, so I don't spend a thing, but I am so happy. I am not bankrupt. Actually, I spend no money at all."

The write-up added that in another interview with the star, she admitted that she continued to live in the same one-bedroom New York apartment that she'd had before becoming famous. Lady Gaga stated, "The bedroom is about the size of a small radio studio with the kitchen about four feet away." Likewise, back in 2012, the star tweeted about her love of a good bargain, writing, "why do people look at me like I'm crazy when i use coupons at grocery or try bargaining at retail, IM FROM NEW YORK WHERE IS THE SALE RACK."

Sarah Michelle Gellar loves coupons

Everyone's favorite former vampire slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar knows how to seriously slay when it comes to savings. According to CNBC, Gellar's fame and fortune haven't stopped the "Ringer" star from being frugal. Via CNBC's "Make It," Gellar stated that she's a big fan of finding good deals. "I cut coupons to this day," she said. The former "Buffy" star then shared one particular experience. "I was at Bloomingdale's, and they had these coupons — Bloomingdale's has really good coupons," she said. "And someone behind me turned around and said, 'I can't believe how long you're taking. Why are you using coupons?'" Gellar stated that she considered the statement and thought, why shouldn't she save money?

Likewise, Gellar declared that no one was going to stop her from finding ways to save. "If there's a coupon there, I'm going to use it," she remarked. The "Cruel Intentions" star then noted that being successful wasn't a reason to stop making smart financial choices. Gellar added that to date, she still isn't a fan of writing a big check or making big purchases. She also admitted that she considered certain purchases for days before taking the plunge. Similarly, during an interview with Self, Gellar revealed that even though she and her husband like to eat organic and local, they still scope out prices. "We shop at Whole Foods, but we asked which fish is on sale. On sale doesn't mean it's bad!"

Queen Elizabeth II was quite thrifty

When it comes to being thrifty, the late great monarch Queen Elizabeth II was reportedly quite the frugal queen. According to Express, the late ruler was considered the 319th richest person in Britain (thanks to her impressive $379,127,200.00 fortune). Still, that didn't stop Queen Elizabeth II from being economical. Not only did the late queen use basic electric heaters, but palace insiders reported that she preferred to budget her expenses rather than spend frivolously. Other cost-friendly measures at the palace included using low-watt light bulbs, using old newspapers for horse bedding, and mending frayed sheets.

Reportedly, the queen once even sent a lemon used as a garnish back to the kitchen so it wouldn't go to waste. Phil Dampier, co-author of "What's In The Queen's Handbag And Other Royal Secrets," had this to say about the late ruler: "Very often when she's at home, she'll be happy to have leftovers." Dampier additionally mentioned other ways in which the queen was thrifty: "She is careful with money and always watches the pennies. She has got handbags which she has had for 30 or 40 years and which she continues to use." 

Likewise, the outlet noted that Queen Elizabeth II was more than happy to recycle her wardrobe. Her frugal ways even led royal historian Sir Roy Strong to dub the late monarch "the make-do-and-mend queen."

Shailene Woodley has always been frugal

When it comes to managing her finances, Shailene Woodley is a smart budgeter. During an interview with InStyle, the actor revealed that her frugal practices come courtesy of her childhood experiences. "I was fortunate to grow up in a way that we didn't have a ton of money, but we never had to worry about not having it," she stated. The "Big Little Lies" star then noted that even as a kid, she understood the value of hard work. "I started babysitting at 10 years old so I could make a little extra cash," she said, adding that the value of a dollar made her appreciative of what she had.

Still, despite being a hustler, becoming filthy rich was never Woodley's goal. "It wasn't that I ever felt like I needed a lot of money," she said, explaining that it was the reward of hard work that she found gratifying. "I'm one of the most frugal people you'll ever meet," she added. Woodley then noted that she tries to avoid any frivolous spending and finds more value in sentimentality than cost. The star is also focused on finding ways to be environmentally friendly and reduce waste. According to People (via The Hollywood Reporter), the "Divergent" star has found the perfect way to be both frugal and environmentally friendly by not purchasing new outfits, instead exclusively buying used clothes.

Ashley Greene knows the importance of budgeting

As noted by Celebrity Net Worth, actor Ashley Greene's impressive acting skills have earned her a stunning net worth of $8 million, which is definitely nothing to scoff at. Still, the "Twilight" actor's impressive earnings haven't stopped her from choosing to budget her finances. According to an interview with Marie Claire (via Momtastic), Greene has refused to change her thrifty ways. "It was a hard adjustment going from zero to 100 in a day," Greene noted in regard to the franchise's success. Still, regardless of her career experience, the actor's upbringing has kept her grounded.

"I'm lucky because my dad taught me to be frugal and save," the actor stated, adding that even with her "Twilight" paychecks, she wouldn't be throwing down top dollars for a flight. "It is just not worth it to buy a first-class ticket, because of the cost." Similarly, Greene remarked that budgeting will ultimately help her take some time off from working. "I want to know that I don't have to take an acting job for two or three years if I don't want to," she said. According to Greene, rationing her paychecks will ensure that she can take care of her groceries, house, and car payments without worrying about her next gig.

Halle Berry says she's pretty frugal

When it comes to pricey purchases, it would seem that Halle Berry isn't throwing down top dollars. Still, her choice to save is hardly the result of having a limited income, as the star is reportedly worth a stunning $90 million. As noted by the Irish Examiner, the "Die Another Day" star remains economical regardless of the millions in her wallet. Per the outlet, Berry stated, "I'm not someone who has to have 10 cars and lots of diamonds." She then went on to express her preference for being thrifty, saying, "I'm pretty frugal. I save a lot because I'm always worried about when this trip is going to stop."

Considering Berry's assets, it's unlikely that she will ever need to worry about cash. Still, the actor's desire to save money makes plenty of sense when you consider her background. According to the Daily Record, Berry and her sister were raised singlehandedly by their mother after their father walked out on the family when the star was just a baby. Finances were tight during Berry's childhood, which undoubtedly played a role in her present-day choices to remain frugal. "I am very thankful for my good fortune, but one of my biggest fears is that I could lose it all," she said.

Kristen Bell loves Bed, Bath & Beyond

She might be a household name, but Kristen Bell isn't letting her status as a celebrity stop her from enjoying a good deal. During an interview on "Conan" with Conan O'Brien, the "Good Place" star revealed that when it comes to savings, she loves to find bargains. "I'm very frugal; I use a lot of coupons," Bell revealed to the host before adding that when it comes to shopping, she almost always uses coupons. Bell also exposed her love for a certain store that reportedly offers the best savings. "The best coupon you can get, possibly in the world, is the Bed, Bath, & Beyond coupon," she stated.

Likewise, Us Weekly noted that the "Bad Moms" star's love for deals can sometimes get out of control. Bell disclosed that there have been times when she's even taken her neighbors' coupons in order to maximize her savings. "I may or not have stolen them out of my neighbors' mailboxes," she admitted. And her passion for being frugal isn't limited to her everyday shopping: According to CNN, Bell's 2016 wedding to Dax Shepard was quite an economical event, and only cost the happy couple $142.00. "We went to the Beverly Hills Courthouse and all in, with fuel to get there, $142 out the door," Bell said during a chat on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" 

Tyra Banks has always been a smart spender

As noted by Insider, businesswoman, supermodel, author, and creator of "America's Next Top Model" Tyra Banks isn't exactly hurting for cash, with an estimated net worth of around $90 million. Still, despite having plenty of funds, you won't catch the "Life Size" star throwing piles of money at unnecessary expenses. During an interview with Money, the star revealed that she's always been more interested in having meaningful experiences than material items. "I saved, saved, saved," she stated, before noting that her frugal practices ultimately led her accountant to worry about her wealth.

"My accountants pulled me aside, and they were like 'Tyra. You're not spending money,'" she said. Her advisors then told her to start spending, so she created a special account that she called her "frivolous account." Still, Banks said that she still set a limit for her extra spending. "I had a budget to spend frivolously for the year, every year," Banks declared. "I needed that to feel safe." 

The celeb additionally commented that her frugal practices are the result of her mom's money-smart teachings, and noted that her mother even taught her the importance of real estate. "Even before my career, I was a saver," Banks said. "I would hold onto it forever and dole it out slowly."

Ed Sheeran isn't a big spender

As noted by the Irish Examiner, pop star Ed Sheeran isn't frivolous when it comes to spending his well-earned wealth. "You never want to be wasteful," the "Shape of You" singer stated to the outlet before revealing that he doesn't carry a black credit card. While the write-up noted that many celebrities aren't exactly eager to disclose their finances, Sheeran was pretty open about his spending habits. He even revealed what type of bank account he uses. "[I use] my Barclays student account. I've not upgraded because I don't spend much money," the singer stated. Additionally, Sheeran reported that when he does spend, his money usually goes toward taking taxis — but those aren't the only ways the artist is economical.

Despite having a net worth of approximately $200 million, the "Thinking Out Loud" singer limits himself to living on only $1,000 per month, per an interview. Notably, the musical creative was once homeless, which could factor into his budget-friendly practices.

Sheeran also manages to be economical by avoiding pricey purchases. However, when it comes to real estate, he understands the value of a good investment. The artist has quite an impressive portfolio containing at least 27 properties. Still, while that might not sound like the most frugal practice, Sheeran knows how to make his purchases work for him, and even rents out the properties to make extra cash.

Katie Couric knows how to save

When it comes to being economical, Katie Couric has plenty of financial wisdom. In her article for Woman's Day, the American journalist reflected on the origins of her frugal ways and the financial lessons she hopes to instill in her daughters. Couric recalled that her mother was a smart saver who knew where to find the best deals. Still, according to the talk show host, when it came to her parents, the importance of saving was partly the result of their upbringing. "They both grew up during the Depression and had to learn the value of a dollar at a very young age, and their attitudes toward money rubbed off on me," Couric wrote.

The producer additionally noted that others used to poke fun at her budget-friendly ways. However, Couric says she isn't cheap, just frugal, and noted that when it comes to loved ones and giving back, she's quite generous. Still, she doesn't hold back when it comes to living frugally. Couric is a big fan of clearance sales, and also saves some other ways: "I often bring leftovers for lunch. I wear some fancy clothes and jewelry at work, but here's a secret — a lot of them are borrowed," she revealed. Additionally, the celeb noted that she hopes to impart her parents' wisdom to her daughters by teaching them the value of earning money through hard work and the importance of giving back.

Sarah Jessica Parker's son wore hand-me-downs

Known for being a seriously stunning fashionista, Sarah Jessica Parker probably isn't the first person who comes to mind when thinking of frugal celebs. Still, according to the Daily Mail, Parker's childhood experiences taught her to be quite the thrifty star. Parker grew up as one of eight children, in a family that struggled financially and received welfare in order to make ends meet. "I knew I was different from the kids who pay for lunch or bring their lunch from home," the "Sex and the City" star stated, as she recalled receiving free lunches from the state. Although Parker's current financial status is seriously impressive, that hasn't stopped the actor from bringing some thriftiness into her life.

"I can be profligate and super-frugal," Parker admitted before adding, "I have such a weird relationship with money." One of the television producer's biggest fears is the possibility of losing her current net worth. "My friends know me so well, and they know how terrified I am of being broke," she stated. Likewise, the outlet mentioned that Parker isn't someone who splurges on things like fancy restaurants, private jets, or expensive vacations. Similarly, the Irish Examiner noted that Parker's thrifty practices also extend to her children. In an interview with Parade magazine, the actor disclosed that her son, James Wilkie, wears recycled clothing. "He only wears hand-me-downs because I've got all these older nephews," she said.

Keanu Reeves prefers to live modestly

While plenty of celebs indulge in lavish purchases and live luxuriously, Keanu Reeves isn't one to flaunt his wealth. On the contrary, according to Page Six, the star feels quite awkward about his impressive net worth and makes sure to put some of his earnings toward giving back. "Keanu's given away a lot of money and done a lot more for people than most will ever know," a family friend revealed to the outlet. Likewise, dontpayfull reported that "The Matrix" star chooses to live below his means. For the actor, that means driving a Honda and living in a modest apartment. Reeves has also been regularly spotted taking the subway.

If that wasn't enough to prove that the "John Wick" star isn't interested in frivolously spending his fortune, the outlet also noted that he's put millions of dollars toward leukemia research. Additionally, Medium stated that Reeves doesn't like to speak publicly about his money. However, he did touch on the topic during an interview back in 2006. "Money doesn't mean anything to me. I've made a lot of money, but I want to enjoy life and not stress myself building my bank account," Reeves said. The actor then reflected on his own experience with wealth and what he considers to be essential: "I give lots away and live simply, mostly out of a suitcase in hotels. We all know that good health is much more important."