The Young And The Restless' Sean Dominic And Brytni Sarpy Discuss Nate And Elena's Perfect Date

Lately, "The Young and the Restless" has been vying for the moniker "heartbreak city." So many couples who were once solid are now swimming in relationship strife. For instance, Sally Spectra has been involved in her fair share of relationship drama and love triangles. The Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) vs. Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) showdown over Sally has fans up in arms over who is the right brother for the media powerhouse.

But the conflict isn't limited to this couple. Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic) and Elena Dawson (Brytni Sarpy) have been having troubles of their own. The tension that has been steadily building between Nate and Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) on his latest venture has spilled over into his personal life, though Nate recently assured Elena that he would keep work separate, reported. Nate and Elena (lovingly nicknamed Elate) disagreed on the way that he's handled said tension at Chancellor-Winters, and she attempted to talk him out of his plan to partner up with Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) and double cross the company in a takeover, according to Soaps in Depth.

Their stark difference of opinions eventually drove a wedge between the couple, and influenced Elena's decision to leave Genoa City and Nate behind, per Soaps Spoilers. This new side of Nate hasn't been sitting well with fans either. But before things took a left turn for Elate, the actors responsible for bringing them to life teased their chemistry on social media.

Sean Dominic and Brytni Sarpy turned on the charm

Elate shippers can keep hope alive for another day. Over on Twitter, Sean Dominic and Brytni Sarpy took over "The Young and the Restless'" couples segment titled "GC Couples This or That." In the video, Dominic and Sarpy shrugged off all of Elate's romantic struggles and showed off their playful sides instead. 

Their responses to the first prompt about the perfect day date were different, but still matched their characters well. While Sarpy could see Elena being happy with a fun, intimate picnic at Chancellor, Dominic shared that Nate would choose cozying up with coffee at Crimson Lights. Ironically, Sarpy's picnic choice brought up memories of Elena's romantic date with her ex-love Devon.

In the video, Dominic and Sarpy brainstormed the perfect date night and both voted on getting drinks at the Genoa City Athletic Club rooftop over dinner at Society. Forever the romantic, Sarpy pointed to the venue's amorous atmosphere. "There's a pool and you can go out and look at the stars. And I think I have a line that says exactly that, actually," she highlighted. In true Elate fashion, they were completely in sync for the remaining "This or That" prompts, leaving us to wonder if this is a sign that there's still hope for their fictional counterparts.