A Timeline Of Love Is Blind's Natalie And Shayne's Relationship And Split

Whether you loved or hated them, there's no question that "Love is Blind" Season 2 wouldn't have been the same without Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee. With plenty of ups and downs throughout their relationship (both on and off the series), the Chicago-based real estate agent and the consulting manager gave fans of the show plenty of shocking moments. Likewise, the addition of potential love interest and fellow contestant Shaina Hurley added plenty of jaw-dropping drama to Jansen and Lee's relationship. Still, despite their issues, plenty of fans were shocked during the season finale, when Lee declared that the pair had a huge fight that ultimately impacted her decision to say "I don't" at the altar.

But even after choosing not to get married, the duo's relationship didn't end with the season finale of "Love Is Blind." Eagle-eyed fans noticed some sweet exchanges between the former couple on social media, which led to speculation that the pair were considering reconciliation. While both later confirmed that they'd given their relationship a few more chances, things ultimately didn't work out for the two.

However, things between Jansen and Lee still didn't end with the series' follow-up. After splitting for good, both went on to give various interviews, each contradicting the other's claims about what happened between them. After the pair made everyone's heads spin with multiple allegations, fans are dying to know the truth about what happened between Jansen and Lee.

Natalie and Shayne had relationship troubles during the show

As noted by Life & Style, contestants Natalie Lee and Shayne Jansen of "Love Is Blind" Season 2 were one couple that fans of the series were definitely rooting for. Still, despite receiving plenty of love from the viewers, the then 29-year-old consulting manager and the then 32-year-old Chicago-based real estate agent appeared to have a somewhat rocky relationship. According to Lee, the former couple's relationship issues were there from the start, but only flared up when the pair would argue. "It just took us a lot longer to resolve our arguments because the way we communicate is so different and there would be a lot of misunderstandings," the former reality star told the magazine.

However, Lee revealed that everything seemed great when the duo wasn't fighting. "In terms of like the everyday life, us just communicating, you know, it was near perfect," she stated. But despite the highs, Lee noted that there were also some serious lows, which ultimately made her realize that she and Jansen had a serious relationship problem. "When it came to the arguments, that's when our communication styles clashed," she noted. Still, according to the Los Angeles Times, Lee initially saw plenty of positive attributes about Jansen that led her to believe the two were compatible. Some things about her ex that stuck out to Lee were his sense of loyalty and his strong love for his family.

Natalie said she and Shayne had different love languages

While chatting with the Los Angeles Times, Natalie Lee reflected on her experience on "Love is Blind 2" as well as her now-ex, Shayne Jansen. While plenty of juicy details about the pair were revealed, one thing that was especially noteworthy was the consulting manager's take on one of her and Jansen's biggest disconnects. Touching on the issues the pair had while they were supposed to be enjoying some time in Mexico, Lee stated that the former couple's differing love languages completely clashed with one another. "That was real and something we did struggle with," the ex-reality star stated.

Likewise, the write-up remarked that on the experimental reality dating series, it was very apparent that Jansen struggled with Lee's sarcasm. Lee responded to this statement by saying, "I never put so much thought into my love language and my sarcastic sense of humor." She then went on to reveal that her choice of humor was something that she observed with her parents, and that her behavior toward her now-ex was no different than how she'd acted in her prior relationships. "It's just the way I flirt and kind of how I show my love," she said. Still, Lee noted that these struggles with Jansen made her understand the importance of communication and being on the same page when it comes to different styles of love and humor.

Shayne and Natalie had a terrible fight before their big day

Despite having some relationship issues on "Love Is Blind 2," it seemed like Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee were going to get hitched on the series. So naturally, fans of the couple were pretty shocked when a preview for the finale showed Lee crying and declaring that she and Jansen had gotten into a big fight and that she was questioning the pair's relationship. So what exactly happened between the couple? During an interview with People, Lee told her side of the story. "It was about a lot of different things," she recalled when referencing the big fight that occurred when the cameras weren't rolling.

The consulting manager similarly disclosed what she thought led to the explosive fallout. "I think it mostly stemmed out of what happened at the bachelor night," she stated, adding that Jansen had come back home obviously irritated by something. Lee thought the fight stemmed from Jansen holding in his emotions about everything going on in his life at that point. According to Life & Style, after Lee questioned whether Jansen had too much to drink, he got very angry with her and told his former fiancée that she was "the worst thing" to have ever happened to him. In light of that, perhaps it's not too much of a surprise that the pair didn't end up having a fairytale wedding.

Natalie said no at the altar

Natalie Lee's answer at the altar was definitely a shock for viewers, but according to the Netflix star, her response shouldn't have surprised Shayne Jansen. As noted by Insider, Lee ultimately left her fiancé at the altar after he'd already said yes. "I do a thousand times over," Jansen declared before adding, "You're my best friend and there was no one else I'd rather do this with in my entire life." However, though the consultant's choice to say "I don't" appeared to stun Jansen, Lee revealed via an interview with the Los Angeles Times that her words shouldn't have been a shock to him. "I did give Shayne the heads-up I was saying no, and he was very aware that was gonna be my response," Lee stated.

So, where exactly did the confusion come from? According to Lee, Jansen's surprise might have stemmed from the fact that he was still hoping Lee would say yes. "I think in his head, he was hoping that it might change, that I would change my mind going down the aisle, but I was very transparent it was gonna be a no," Lee affirmed. After she said no on the finale, the former reality star told Jansen, "I'm really sorry Shayne. I still love you, and you're still my best friend, but we have really big issues to sort through." After the ceremony, the two were seen getting into an argument outside.

Natalie wasn't aware she was in a love triangle

While viewers were on the edge of their seats watching the drama unfold between Shayne Jansen, Shaina Hurley, and Natalie Lee, it turns out the latter of the three wasn't even aware of what was happening. According to Us Weekly, Lee only became conscious of Jansen and Hurley's romantic history after she watched the Netflix show for herself. "I actually wasn't aware of their connection in the pods," Lee told the outlet, noting that she hadn't viewed Hurley as a threat to her relationship and hadn't known about Hurley's true intentions during filming. Although the former reality show star was in the dark about Jansen and Hurley's potential romance, fans of the series were well aware that Jansen had struggled with his decision to choose Lee while they were in the pods.

Likewise, Hurley's comments about Jansen and Lee's relationship — particularly that she didn't think the two were a good match — only added fuel to the fire. However, though things between Lee and Jansen appear to have fizzled out, the consulting manager said she and the hairstylist now have a better relationship. "In terms of where [she] and I stand [now] — we're cordial with one another," Lee stated. "I see her often at gatherings with the cast and she's only been very kind to me."

Shayne and Natalie tried to rekindle their romance

While the experimental dating aspect of "Love Is Blind" ultimately didn't seem to work for Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee, that didn't stop the former couple from giving their failed relationship another shot. According to ScreenRant, the real estate agent and the consulting manager tried to make things work four more times before finally calling it quits, seemingly for good. Via a podcast interview for Nick Viall's "The Viall Files," Jansen revealed what happened to the former couple after their massive wedding day fallout. "We reconnected four times after the show," Jansen stated, adding that "we tried four times — just recently this past weekend."

Jansen's claims that the former couple had reconnected the prior weekend would have meant they had given things another shot not long before Jansen's interview. "Some things happened in the last couple days where it's like, 'I'm fed up with it now,'" the former reality star confessed. Jansen also said that one of the other contestants suggested that he shouldn't air out his and Lee's private matters. Still, Jansen stated that he was tired of holding back his feelings and wanted Lee to take more accountability for their issues.

Shayne and Natalie are no longer on good terms

With plenty of shocking moments throughout their relationship, it's perhaps no surprise that Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee aren't exactly amicable. According to Us Weekly, even though the former reality contestants gave their relationship more than a couple of second chances, it would appear that things weren't meant to be. A source told the write-up, "They are not on good terms at the moment." The insider added that during the time of the article, the pair weren't even on speaking terms anymore, nor were they friends. "They haven't been communicating and stopped following each other on social media," the source revealed.

Additionally, the insider said the pair's argument the night before their wedding played a big part in the decision to split for good. The source stated that despite her attempts to move on, Lee could let go of the fight that happened. "They tried dating again but, in the end, they weren't meant to be and it was for the best," the source said. 

However, after their second break up, Lee told Us Weekly that she wished Jansen the best and stated that the pair remained friends. So what exactly changed for the former couple? Some fans have speculated that something might have happened between Lee and fellow contestant Sal Perez. When asked if he hated Lee during an Instagram Q&A, Jansen snarkily responded that they should ask Perez.

They gave conflicting responses on After the Altar

There's no question that Natalie Lee and Shayne Jansen gave viewers plenty of shocking moments during their relationship on "Love is Blind." As it turns out, the series follow-up, "After the Altar," had even more to offer regarding the ups and downs of their failed romance. As noted by Elite Daily, the series follow-up revealed plenty of lingering issues between the former couple. Likewise, a lot of the drama between the real estate agent and the consulting manager seemed to involve Jansen's former potential flame, Shaina Hurley. However, neither Jansen nor Lee seemed to agree on what exactly led them to call it quits for good.

During the first episode of "After the Altar," Jansen said their attempts to mend their relationship didn't work out because, at the time, he was only in Chicago twice a week, and the distance made it difficult for the pair to fix their issues. The former reality star then added that he believed the door was still open for the former couple to try again in the future. However, Lee gave fans a very different version of the story. According to Lee, her trust in Jansen was destroyed by his actions and she saw no possibility of a reconciliation. Lee also claimed that Jansen and Hurley would exchange flirty DMs and added that she believed the two had a secret relationship.

Their post-relationship drama was aired out on social media

After their on-and-off relationship finally ended for good, Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee didn't hold back their feelings regarding their romance. Still, after Jansen appeared on Nick Viall's "Viall Files" podcast and made some shocking statements regarding the former couple, Lee clapped back at her ex on Instagram (shared via People). For those needing a refresher, Jansen not only told Viall that he was done trying to make things work with his ex, but he also stated that he was annoyed by Lee. "[There were] some things that happened the last couple [of] days where it's just like, I'm just fed up with it now," Jansen said. However, those weren't his only shocking statements.

The real estate agent also claimed that Lee called him a "disgusting human being" because he'd remained friendly with Shaina Hurley. Stating that she was baffled by Jansen's report, Lee said that she'd never tried to dictate his conversations. The consulting manager stated that she'd called Jansen "disgusting" only after he'd threatened to destroy her. Lee added that their final split occurred because Jansen was flirting with other women. Lee also claimed that the pair had only rekindled their romance twice, not four times, and that she'd closed the door for good after catching Jansen lying to her.

Natalie said the show edited parts of her relationship

In addition to the other drama surrounding Natalie Lee and Shayne Jansen's relationship, Lee has also revealed that key parts of her and Jansen's relationship were kept out of the series follow-up "After the Altar." According to People (via Yahoo! News), Lee claimed that she wasn't thrilled by the couple's portrayal and added that there was much more to her and Jansen's love story. Lee also addressed her issue with Shaina Hurley. "I think the toughest part was, again, knowing that Shaina was my closest friend in the pods at the time of filming, and then seeing the lies that they kept up for an entire year until Season two played," she said.

Lee additionally claimed that she'd spoken about those struggles during behind-the-scenes moments while filming, but that those instances weren't aired. "One thing that the show did not talk about is that Shayne and I have text messages and an email talking about him un-sending and deleting messages," she explained. Lee added that she believed core elements of her and Jansen's relationship were taken out of the show, which left her feeling frustrated by the end result. The former reality star said she wished that "After the Altar" had done a better job of exploring her side of things, particularly what she believed happened between Jansen and Hurley.

Shayne claims the show didn't portray them accurately 

With plenty of allegations being thrown around, it's clear that neither Shayne Jansen nor Natalie Lee is 100% happy with how their relationship was portrayed in "Love Is Blind 2." While chatting with Entertainment Tonight, Jansen didn't hold anything back. For starters, he stated that he had a serious problem with how the series portrayed him versus how they showed Lee. He then alleged that Lee wasn't being herself, claiming that she would act one way during filming and then would become a completely different person when she and Jansen were alone. He also alleged that his ex would want the two of them to go over their conversations before filming them.

According to Jansen, the couple's infamous big fight before their wedding didn't happen as Lee claimed. "This [the fight] had been weeks of buildup, weeks of buildup that was seen off-screen," the former reality star claimed. "She would always pick and pick, pick, pick little things I did wrong and never appreciate anything I did right for her all of the time." Jansen also made a shocking allegation, declaring that he, not Lee, wanted to call off their wedding. "The night before I hit up the producers and whatnot and said, 'I can't do this.' And they were like, 'We have to see it through.'"