Love Is Blind Season 2 - Details We Know So Far

Although it premiered on Netflix just a month before the world went into lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, "Love is Blind" seemingly invented the idea of quarantine. The reality dating show, which debuted in February of 2020, featured 30 men and women who were attempting to find a love match. The twist? The couples were challenged to become engaged after only speaking to each other through a wall, per Marie Claire. That's right — the couples don't even catch the smallest glimpse of one another to fully serve the purpose of the show's challenge.

Despite the fact that 30 contestants were involved in the filming of the show, "Love is Blind" only focused on those singles forming actual connections with each other. These singles included Giannina Gibelli, Damian Powers, Mark Cuevas, Jessica Batten, Lauren Speed, Cameron Hamilton, Amber Pike, Matthew Barnett, Kelly Chase, Kenny Barnes, Diamond Jack, and Carlton Morton, according to Us Weekly.

Given that it's been over a year since the last season of "Love is Blind" debuted on Netflix, many fans are wondering if a second season is set to be released at a point in the near future. Read on to find out when the second season will premiere and what sort of juicy details will keep assuredly keep audiences hooked.

Love is Blind has been renewed for a second and third season

Back in March of 2020, only a month after the first season of the show premiered on Netflix, the streaming service confirmed that fans can definitely expect at least a second and third season of "Love is Blind" to be released in the future, per Marie Claire. Despite the fact that the show was immediately renewed for two more seasons, few details have been revealed regarding release dates and future cast members.

While the format of the show would seem to work well amid the coronavirus pandemic, the producers of "Love is Blind" were still unsure of how to limit exposure to the virus while filming. During an interview with HollywoodLife in March, Vanessa Lachey, one of the show's co-hosts, stated that producers were planning to begin shooting the second and third season in April. This would mean that the second and third seasons could be either wrapped up or shooting at this very moment. Since Lachey revealed this fact, though, no other information about the second season of "Love is Blind" has been released to the public.

Bustle hypothesizes that the second season could premiere by the end of 2021 or early next year around Valentine's Day. The outlet also claims the second season of the show will be filmed in Chicago instead of Atlanta.

The cast for the second season has yet to be announced

As is the case for nearly every other reality dating show, fans tuned into each episode of "Love is Blind" mainly for the dramatic scenes that would unfold between cast members. Although the first season contained 30 cast members overall, it ultimately only followed 12 singles as they tried to find a love match, per Us Weekly. While the singles seemed to mesh well with one another at first, only two couples — Lauren and Cameron and Amber and Barnett — actually exchanged vows. Both couples appear to still be together after three years of marriage. The remaining singles have either found love outside of the show or have fought bitterly with one another on and off-camera.

Netflix has yet to release any details about the cast on the second season of "Love is Blind." The show's creator, Chris Coelen, previously spoke about the challenges of casting a reality dating show. "There's certainly plenty of places for people who want to do stuff for the attention," Coelen told Entertainment Weekly in February of 2020. "We wanted to be really dealing with people who were genuinely interested in it."

The second season of Love is Blind is likely to be chock-full of drama

While neither a trailer nor details of any kind have been released regarding the second season of "Love is Blind," the dramatic twists and turns that took place in the first season are likely to be repeated in the forthcoming season. However, much of the drama involving the cast members has taken place outside of the filming of the show. 

Though Damian opted to leave Giannina on their wedding day during the filming of the show, the couple revealed that they had gotten back together during the show's first reunion special, which aired in March of 2020, per Us Weekly. Then, just a few months later, Damian was spotted getting cozy with former "Too Hot to Handle" cast member Francesca Farago. While Giannina stood by her man, it was eventually revealed that he had left her for Farago. Currently, it appears as though Damian is single.

The first couple to implode during the filming of the first season of the show was Diamond and Carlton. According to Us Weekly, Diamond ended the relationship when she found out that Carlton had failed to reveal to her that he was bisexual. Since then, the former couple has been at bitter odds with one another.

Given the dramatic nature of the show, the second season of "Love is Blind" is sure to be a treat.