It's Sophie Wessex's Time To Shine In The Royal Family

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, was front and center as the royal family gathered to mourn Queen Elizabeth II. Express reported that she met well-wishers in Manchester alongside her husband, Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex. At one point, Sophie described losing the long-reigning monarch as an "extraordinary event" in modern history. She later shook a mourner's hand and told her: "I really do appreciate the support, thank you very much."

Elsewhere, Kate Middleton and Sophie wore subtly touching tributes to the queen, who was very devout, in the form of crucifixes that were prominently displayed alongside their black mourning clothes, per the Daily Mail.

Moreover, the countess made history when she became the first royal to visit the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Daily Mail shared photos of her excitedly meeting locals. During the visit, Sophie was spreading awareness about "the devastating impact of sexual and gender-based violence in conflict," a cause that's very close to her heart. 

In an exclusive survey, fans told The List that Sophie was the royal they would like to see step into the spotlight more. And, now, it seems she's getting the opportunity to do just that.

The countess provides a necessary shot of positivity for the family

According to Express, Sophie Wessex is being actively prepared to take on a more senior role in the royal family going forward. The Sunday Times' royal editor, Roya Nikkhah, revealed during an appearance on "True Royalty TV" that Sophie's platform is gradually being expanded, even despite King Charles' well-documented plans to slim down the working members of The Firm (via Us Weekly).

Nikkah shared, "There is a lot of discussion around Sophie. We are suddenly seeing the Wessexes come to the fore. We are paying them more attention." However, the royal expert also clarified, "She is doing the same work she has been doing for years, a lot of work with sexual violence in conflict, and prevention of blindness." 

With fewer people to compete with for attention, the countess' important work is more evident. This is particularly notable because "she is a good news story for the royal family," which has endured its fair share of scandals in recent years. Sophie is currently on a royal tour of Botswana, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Rwanda. 

The countess may also prove to be instrumental in finally sorting out the feud between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and the rest of the family. Per the Mirror, according to Katie Nicholl's book, "The New Royals," the countess reached out to the couple shortly after they defected. Maybe Sophie could help bridge the gap there, too.