Why Twitter Users Are Comparing BravoCon 2022 To Fyre Festival

After the first BravoCon event in 2019, it was clear that this was something the fans wanted more of (per Variety). For the first time, everyone's favorite Bravo celebrities were under the same roof, giving fans newfound access to the people starring in their favorite shows. From Housewives to SURvers to Below Deck crew, the who's who of Bravo was present. During the event, Andy Cohen even revealed a new city in the Housewives franchise, which was the "Real Housewives of Salt Lake City," now in their third season. There were initially plans to hold the event again in 2020, but the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic put a stop to that. However, Cohen remained vigilant that the event would eventually come to fruition again. Despite being skipped again last year, BravoCon 2022 is officially in full swing, with all of the top Bravo stars making appearances throughout the weekend (via E! News).

One of the most highly anticipated panels at this weekend's BravoCon 2022 event was the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," discussion featuring every cast member except for Diana Jenkins, who isn't scheduled for anything. The event also saw the crowd boo longtime cast member Lisa Rinna as she entered the room, causing her to give the middle finger to the crowd, Page Six reported.

However, despite the excitement for that panel and the event as a whole, it appears that the entire BravoCon 2022, specifically the "RHOBH" discussion, has been plagued with security issues, and fans aren't happy.

Security issues nearly cancelled the RHOBH BravoCon panel

As excited as fans were for BravoCon 2022, there seem to be numerous issues with the event, causing fans to flock to Twitter to express their outrage and disappointment with the convention. Per Page Six, the situation got so bad during the first day of the event that one spectator dubbed it the new Fyre festival. One fan attending BravoCon tweeted about the experience, saying, "Waiting hours in lines for panels only for there to be stampedes in, no chairs, people camping out all day to not let others in, no use of the RFID bands."

In the video accompanying the above comments, the recorder states, "This is Fyre Festival," which is highly concerning because of the negative nature of the event it's being compared to. Fyre Festival, according to Page Six, was an event that "left high-paying guests stranded in the Bahamas with limited food and abysmal lodging conditions."

However, the chaotic nature of the event goes well band those initial comments. People reported that a security breach during the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" panel nearly caused the discussion to be canceled. In what has been described as a "stampede," several attendees rushed the stage, causing event organizers to consider canceling the event as a safety precaution. Another viewer took to Twitter to discuss the disarray at BravoCon 2022, writing, "Not enough security — absolute madness. Shame on #BRAVOCON22."