Craig Conover Dishes At BravoCon 2022 About He And Paige DeSorbo Walking Down The Aisle

One of the biggest surprises in Bravo has been the blossoming relationship between "Southern Charm's" Craig Conover and "Summer House's" Paige DeSorbo. The pair first hooked up during the filming of Bravo's spin-off "Winter House," and have been going strong for quite a while (per Us Weekly). Both have made cameo appearances on the other's show, with DeSorbo making numerous pop-in's throughout the latest Southern Charm season. However, not all of it was positive. A large percentage of the newest season centered around Conover's borderline-inappropriate relationship with his ex-girlfriend Naomie Olindo (via People).

Unlike his costar Shep Rose, Conover appears to be thriving in a monogamous relationship with the "Summer House" star. Rose has recently gone through a public breakup with his significant other in a dramatic storyline playing out in front of the Bravo cameras, according to Us Weekly. Inherently, when a relationship is doing as well as Conover and DeSorbo's, rumors start swirling about wedding bells, with fans wondering when the pair will take the plunge and walk down the aisle.

Luckily for inquisitive viewers, Conover and DeSorbo are in New York City for BravoCon 2022 and are a part of panels speaking directly to the fans in attendance. The lovebirds took place in the Modern Love panel at the convention, revealing some enlightening new information about any possible plans to get married. They appear to be on different pages.

Conover says he will propose to DeSorbo whenever she is ready

Fans looking to get all of the Bravo tea are getting served more than their fair share at this weekend's BravoCon 2022 event (via Variety). During the Modern Love panel at the convention, Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo answered a question about whether or not wedding bells were in their future, and their answers were not exactly cohesive. According to a reporter at The List, Conover responded to the line of questioning by saying marriage was an option "whenever Paige is ready to say yes," later clarifying that "this is up to her."

However, even though Conover appears ready to take the next step, DeSorbo seems a bit more reserved about the matter. They've been dating for a while now, but before tying the knot, they'll need to get on the same page about their future. She said, "I would have to move. My family lives in NY, and I love them so much," further saying, "I have to do it when I'm ready."

Also, per People, during the panel, Conover and DeSorbo joked that they would "Paltrow" their marriage, implying that they'd remain living separately after getting married. Fans of the Bravo couple will soon get more insider access to their relationship as the currently airing second season of "Winter House" continues. They're also both in New York for more BravoCon 2022 events, so it's possible more secrets and personal thoughts will be revealed throughout the weekend.