The Best Tampons You'll Find For Swimming

It's unrealistic to plan your entire life around your monthly cycle, but for some reason, it always seems to come at the worst possible time. Whether taking a tropical vacation, celebrating your birthday, or even on your honeymoon or wedding, chances are, your period is bound to make its grand entrance at least one of those events. Perhaps one of the worst times to start your period, however, is while swimming.

There are several myths regarding swimming while on your period, so let's put those to bed. Yes, it is entirely safe to swim while on your period. No, swimming won't make your cramps worse, and yes, you can (and should) use a tampon when in the water (via Penn Medicine). In fact, most tampons on the market are designed for everyday physical activities like swimming. And just because Aunt Flo comes to town doesn't mean you have to halt all your plans for her visit. So, look no further if you're looking for the best tampons you can take with you on your pool or beach day, because we've got you covered.

Look for reliability and comfort

You should probably ditch the pads and panty liners when swimming and opt for a comfortable and reliable tampon instead. According to Insider, tampons have a significant advantage over many other forms of menstrual products because they make it reasonably easy to engage in sports and activities without worrying about them moving around and absorbing water. A classic tried and true tampon for all activities, including swimming, is Playtex Sport. Literally designed to fit and adjust with your every move, Playtex Sport tampons have 360-degree, sport-level protection, so you don't need to worry about leaks or accidents.

Another excellent tampon option for swimmers is Lola's Compact Plastic Applicator Tampons. Not only are these tampons wholly biodegradable and made with 100% organic cotton, but they also have powerful leak protection. Plus, the small applicator is pocket-sized and fits inconspicuously next to all your beach bag essentials. For those who are at the tail-end of their period or tend to spot in between cycles and don't need a regular or super-absorbent tampon, opt for Tampax Pearl Light. These tampons provide all-day comfort and protection for up to eight hours and are designed with a "LeakGuard Braid" to help stop leaks before they even happen.

Other alternatives if tampons aren't your thing

Tampons aren't for everyone. Some find them challenging and painful to insert or irritating to the vagina. The good news is that plenty of other options are just as suitable for swimming, like menstrual disks and cups. A menstrual disc is similar to a tampon and sits below the cervix. Some even say the menstrual disc relieves camps and period pains because of the position in which they are placed, which makes swimming even more enjoyable (via Healthline). A user-friendly and comfortable option is the Flex Menstrual Disc, which has an even lower risk of leakage than tampons.

Another tampon alternative is a menstrual cup, which is inserted into the vagina and collects blood for up to 12 hours just below the cervix. The Diva Cup is a trendy option in this category, and it's available in three different models for different age ranges and flows. Katie, a Diva Cup user and no stranger to swimming (she's a swim instructor, lifeguard, and water polo player), posted a blog post on Diva Cup's website in which she shared that she had her cup in for 12 hours total after being in the water for several hours during the day. If that isn't an indicator that this product is perfect for swimmers, we don't know what is. Regardless of your choice, there are plenty of products out there to keep you swimming easily and confidently, no matter the time of the month.