The TikTok Contour Hack That Will Snatch Your Nose

If you've somehow managed to avoid downloading TikTok, it's probably time to give in — at least if you are always searching for beauty hacks to simplify your multi-step makeup routine. Filled with endless beauty tips and tricks, TikTok provides a treasure trove of attention-grabbing contour hacks, ranging anywhere from rainbow contouring to sunscreen contouring and so much more. Now, the video-sharing platform has come through yet again with another contour hack, this time specifically for the nose.

Several contour methods out there are used to snatch the face by defining the cheekbones, slimming the jawline, or shortening the forehead. One of the more challenging parts of the face to contour is the nose, as one stroke too many can leave you with a nose that looks, well, contoured. Thankfully, we're here to share the hack that has been making waves on TikTok lately, sure to give you the snatched nose of your dreams.

Contouring the nose has never been easier

This nose contour hack was initially shared by beauty creator @Lera_Valesta and later tried by YouTube beauty celeb Nikkie de Jager (@NikkieTutorials). "Nose contours usually end up looking muddy on me, so we're in for a treat today!" de Jager said in the video. If that statement resonates with you, buckle in because she's super impressed by the end, so we're sure you will be too.

First, start right underneath your inner eyebrow on your eyelid, swiping the cream contour diagonally downward toward the tip of your nose (in a half-V shape) with a dense concealer brush. Do the same to the other part of your nose, leaving you with a V shape by the end. Next to the contour, apply a thin concealer line, carving out that V shape. Then, blend the contour with a fluffy brush, carefully blending inward and not out toward the cheeks. Gently tap with a Beauty Blender or sponge after to ensure the lines are blended thoroughly.

"She is skinny!" de Jager says by the end of the video, referencing her thinly contoured nose. While this nose contour hack is a bit time-consuming, per de Jager, it is certainly helpful for those who struggle with this step in their makeup routine.

How to choose the right contour shade

It's important to remember that contouring and bronzing are very different. Contouring is all about defining the bone structure in your face, while bronzing is used to warm up the skin (via Allure). Contour shades often require cooler-toned products and are strategically applied to create shadows on the face. Bronzers should be warmer-toned and applied where the sun naturally hits the face.

Choosing the right shade depends highly on your skin tone and is essential in ensuring your contour looks natural. If you have a fair to medium skin tone, opt for a cool shade contour product (via Byrdie). You can go a little warmer with your selection if you have an olive/tan skin complexion, as your skin naturally has a warmer hue. For dark skin tones, opt for a neutral contour shade with hints of berry or blue. Now that you know what to look for when shopping for your contour shade, get ready to hop on the TikTok contour train because the hacks keep coming, and they probably won't stop anytime soon.