Ciara Miller Gives Her Unfiltered Thoughts About Austen Kroll At BravoCon 2022

Austen Kroll has developed quite a reputation throughout the Bravo universe. Kroll first entered the "Bravosphere" during the fourth season of the hit series "Southern Charm." Throughout his tenure on the show, viewers have watched Kroll's chaotic love life bleed into many of the storylines. His on-again/off-again relationship with co-star Madison LeCroy dragged nearly every cast member into their toxic relationship. After multiple seasons of messy moments between Kroll and LeCroy, the entangled pair finally called it quits during the show's seventh season. This season, Kroll has been romantically linked to newcomer Olivia Flowers while simultaneously reacting to the news of LeCroy's surprise engagement (via People).

More recently, most of Kroll's controversial moments have taken place on the "Summer House" and "Southern Charm" spinoff, "Winter House," featuring cast members from both shows, as well as newbies entering the fray for the first time. Throughout "Winter House," Kroll was involved with multiple women, including Ciara Miller and Lindsay Hubbard. The intense flings and messy behavior toward both women haven't endeared him to the Bravo fans, leading to Kroll receiving backlash for his actions.

However, for the first time since filming "Winter House," Miller and Kroll are under the same roof with Bravo cameras rolling. Both stars are in New York City for BravoCon 2022, and naturally, Miller was asked about Kroll and the status of their relationship. Luckily for fans, she wasn't shy about her opinion, dragging Kroll in the process. 

Miller says her relationship with Kroll is 'dead and gone'

BravoCon 2022 has officially commenced, leading to a full plethora of spilled tea and hurt feelings. "Southern Charm" star Austen Kroll is a prime example of someone who might walk away from this weekend with a bruised ego following comments by "Summer House" star Ciara Miller. According to a reporter from The List, Miller had a lot to say about Kroll when asked about the status of their relationship during the "Summer House" panel. Based on her comments, there doesn't appear to be any room for a reconciliation in the near (or distant) future.

During the panel, Miller revealed that her relationship with Kroll is "dead and gone," further stating, "I think we put the nail in that coffin and it's underground." Miller also confirmed that she'd encountered Kroll during the BravoCon 2022 weekend, saying, "Of course. I couldn't get out of it." Kroll is also scheduled for numerous appearances throughout the weekend, so it's possible that he will have some sort of rebuttal to Miller's friendship-ending comments toward him.

Viewers will have to continue tuning into the recently premiere second season of "Winter House" to get a better grasp on the evolving dynamic between Miller and Kroll. The new season is only one episode in as of publication, so there's a lot between the cast that have yet to air.