Danielle Olivera Dishes About Huge Fight With Ciara Miller On Summer House

Reality TV shows are almost obliged to, at some point, present a love triangle. It's simply good TV. Watching the chemistry flow as the situation gets messier and more out of hand is always a juicy watch. However, if three's a crowd, you can almost imagine how messy it can get when an entire household gets involved. Bravo TV's "Summer House" is a crowd favorite. It has it all, from drunken July 4 parties to screaming matches. One thing that's always guaranteed to go down in the Hamptons house each summer is a hodge-podge of relationship drama. Whether it's the new romances brewing or the classic Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke back and forths, per Screen Rant

If there's one cast member of "Summer House" you don't want to end up in a love triangle with, all bets would say it's Lindsay Hubbard. Hubbard is infamous for her legendary moments of snapping at people or as she likes to put it "getting activated," per YouTube. Well, newcomer Ciara Miller seemingly felt comfortable enough after 2 seasons on the show to wage a claim on Hubbard's bestie and on-and-off hookup Austen Kroll by deciding to date him, per Life & Style. Hubbard definitely didn't take too well to the development, but no one could have predicted that the house's calming-mediator Danielle Olivera would've been the one to wind up getting so involved that wine got flung across a table.

Danielle couldn't even remember the fight

While the love triangle began to unfold during "Winter House" in Vermont, things seemed to have settled between Ciara Miller and Lindsay Hubbard as they entered Season 6 of "Summer House." Things definitely began to simmer again once Austen Kroll visited the Hamptons home, but no one involved could have predicted that flames would spark between Miller and anyone that wasn't Hubbard, let alone the always-neutral Danielle Olivera. Speaking to Showbiz Cheat Sheet Miller explained, "I don't really feel like me and Danielle ever really had any beef. Like she wasn't in Vermont."

Fans were shocked to watch Miller and Olivera end up tossing wine at each other across a table in multiple promos of the show, and while fans can't erase the scene from their minds, Olivera claims she hardly even remembers it. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight she explained, "Me getting up out of my seat in retaliation, I definitely remember like the back of my hand ... and then there was a moment where I was completely just black."

Olivera continued saying, "The next morning, I did have a big bruise on my chest ... I didn't know that the glass was thrown directly at my chest bone. And that was probably more of the reason why I had that bruise." The playback on Bravo TV of all that happened in between, she did not remember. 

Danielle and Ciara have yet to fully resolve their issues

As "Summer House" fans impatiently wait for the episode with the clash to air, the question on everyone's mind is how the aftermath looked outside of the show — what viewers won't get to see. Speaking to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Ciara Miller explained how she feels about Danielle Olivera today, "I mean we're both Capricorns. And I feel like we definitely hold on to things, especially when we feel like we've been wronged. So I really don't have any beef towards Danielle, currently," she added. "I can't speak about how she feels about me, but I definitely think there needs to be more conversation, you know, in order to sort everything out, and I don't think we had the opportunity to do that."

As for how Olivera felt after the fight was over, she explained to Entertainment Tonight that there are still some hard feelings, "Did it still bother me, and to this day still bothers me? One hundred percent. Those feelings have not gone away. She did give me an apology on camera, but if she really, truly cared about anything, she would've texted me. She would've DM'ed me. She would've called me. She would've done anything else."