Of All Lea Michele's Looks — This One Stands Above The Rest

Whether you like her or not, we can all agree that Lea Michele has been super successful in the theater and TV industries. Between Broadway's "Funny Girl" casting and her starring role in everyone's favorite angsty yet musical high school dramedy — can you believe Michele almost didn't audition for "Glee?" — she's been a household name for many years at this point. Plus, she has unbelievable talent. From her passionate acting during intense and frustrating scenes in "Glee" to her amazing vocals when performing live, Michele's acting and singing abilities are worth the hype.

In addition to Michele's Broadway, TV, and music careers, she's also a mother and often shares happy Instagram posts talking about how much she loves being a mom. While the world obsesses over the drama surrounding the star's musical and acting career (via CNN), we think her outfits deserve recognition, too. After all, Michele has worn countless showstopping looks over the years. However, this look stands above the others.

She looked like a fairy princess at the 2014 Kids' Choice Awards

Although Lea Michele's short, pink dress by Elie Saab (via YouTube) from the 2014 Kids' Choice Awards red carpet — well, technically orange carpet — is one of her most casual looks from an event, it's our favorite. Something about the way the lacey coral fabric popped with her skin tone made this look stand out. Furthermore, the lace added more elegance to the otherwise playful outfit. We've seen some celebrities come to this kid-focused award show overdressed or underdressed, per YouTube, or in something a bit too sexy for the event. But Michele's look was fun and perfectly fitting for the occasion.

Moreover, we appreciate Michele's willingness to get out of her comfort zone for this look, as we're used to seeing her in darker, longer, or more traditional dresses and gowns, as noted by Footwear News. This lacy pink mini-dress showed a lighter, more playful side of the actress that we'd love to see more of in the future. Her hair and makeup were super cute, too; she traded her usual flowing or tied-back long locks for an adorable bob with bangs that complemented her face shape and bone structure. Additionally, her bright pink lipstick made her smile stand out and added a youthful detail, perfect for the Kids' Choice Awards. And lastly, her nude platform heels added a bit more elegance.

More of Lea Michele's best looks

We love seeing Lea Michele in pink, so we also had to shout out her look from the 2011 Golden Globe Awards. For this event, the singer rocked a one-shoulder, salmon-pink gown with ruffle details. The Oscar de la Renta dress (via Teen Vogue) beautifully popped with Michele's skin and made her look taller and ultra-sophisticated. Plus, the actress's partial updo kept most of her hair out of her face, drawing more attention to the gorgeous gown, while her rich brown hair color nicely contrasted the dress's light hue.

On the other hand, another one of Michele's best looks was a sleek black gown. According to Footwear News, the singer wore a long David Koma dress to the red-carpet premiere of "Scream Queens." This outfit somehow provided the perfect mix of elegance and sexiness. While the monochromatic black look exuded a timeless, sophisticated vibe, the dress featured a bold cutout right below Michele's bust area and a high slit for some seductive details. Furthermore, her many slim rings, dark nail polish, and strappy heels added more edginess, making the ensemble stand out even more.

Last but not least, Michele's People's Choice Awards look from 2012 was all about 1920s glamour. Her fringy, light, fitted dress had sexy cold-shoulder details, and she elevated the ensemble with sparkly jewelry. This outfit gave more of "The Great Gatsby" than "Glee," and we loved it.