BravoCon 2022: Craig Conover Spills The Beans On Madison LeCroy's Wedding Invites

Throughout most of her time on "Southern Charm," Madison LeCroy was romantically involved with co-star Austen Kroll. Their turbulent relationship played out season after season, with the embattled pair finally calling it quits in Season 7. Per Us Weekly, following their split, LeCroy was implicated in an alleged affair of sorts with Major League Baseball legend Alex Rodriguez. The allegations are rumored to have influenced the high-profile breakup between Rodriguez and music superstar Jennifer Lopez. The parties involved denied these rumors, but "Southern Charm" cast members have made numerous references to them.

Per People, by the time Season 8 of "Southern Charm" began filming, LeCroy had already moved on with a new man. For the most part, LeCroy has remained tight-lipped about her relationship (and subsequent engagement) with Brett Randle, with little details breaking through on the show. Alongside LeCroy's silence about their relationship (minus flaunting the massive engagement ring), Randle didn't make any cameos on the most recent season.

However, the wedding is on the horizon, and viewers are hoping for some inside scoop. Thankfully, at BravoCon 2022, LeCroy's co-star Craig Conover dished on some of her wedding details. Unfortunately, it sounds like "Southern Charm" fans are in for great disappointment if they expect a wedding extravaganza to play out in front of the Bravo cameras. Based on Conover's comments, viewers must use an alternative method to follow the action.

Conover alludes that Southern Charm cast isn't invited to LeCroy's wedding

BravoCon 2022 was filled with spilled tea from the casts of nearly every Bravo series. From "The Real Housewives" to the "Below Deck" crew, behind-the-scenes information and salacious gossip were rampant at the convention. However, one of the most shocking tidbits of information came from "Southern Charm's" Craig Conover regarding Madison LeCroy's upcoming wedding to fiancé Brett Randle. During the "Southern Charm" panel, LeCroy confirmed her wedding wouldn't be televised, but she did reveal that the nuptials are only four weeks away. According to a reporter from The List, Conover piggybacked off LeCroy's statement, saying, "We still don't have invites in case you're wondering."

After a boisterous crowd response to Conover's comments, co-star Shep Rose chimed in as well, saying they'd "crash the wedding," with LeCroy responding that the boys would "bring Austen and throw a wrench in there." LeCroy's joke about Austen Kroll led to further hilarity, with Conover and Rose quipping that Kroll could be the ring bearer.

Besides none of the cast seemingly invited to LeCroy's big day, the biggest news coming out of the panel seems to be that the wedding won't air as part of a television special or even on the next season of "Southern Charm." However, with the reunion currently airing, filming hasn't commenced on the new season (via Bravo). However, LeCroy revealed that fans can follow her Instagram for wedding updates.