All The Details About Sasha Obama & Maisy Biden's Friendship

It looks like Barack Obama and Joe Biden's bromance inspired another friendship among their families — and we're not just talking about their wives, Michelle Obama and Jill Biden, who are crazy about each other, too, but their younger counterparts: Sasha Obama, Obama's youngest daughter, and Maisy Biden, Biden's granddaughter. 

Anyone who grows up with a relative in politics goes through a pretty unique experience — perhaps even more so if the stakes are higher and they're directly related to the head of state. In the cases of both Obama and Biden, it's something they did not have much of a say in as they were born into it. We can imagine that they would need as much support and guidance as humanly possible given the amount of scrutiny they might be subjected to, both for their actions and the actions of their relatives in politics. Lucky for them, they got along just as well as their seniors. In fact, they became the best of friends. 

They became friends early on in life

It all began when Barack Obama asked Joe Biden to be his running mate for the 2008 United States Presidential elections. Michelle Obama did not involve herself in the decision-making,. Still, once she was informed of her husband's choice, she immediately approved, "You want people you can hang out with, that you trust, that you sit down and have a good conversation with, in addition to the advice, guidance, and wisdom he brings," she shared in an interview with People

Joe Biden broke the news of his vice-presidency run to his family during Maisy Biden's 8th birthday party. The rest of the Biden clan was excited to hear the news while Maisy, on the other hand, responded as any eight-year-old probably would, and said, "Pop, can I have some more ice cream cake?"

Obama and Biden's working relationship blossomed into a strong friendship between their families. They are both extremely family-oriented, which meant a lot of trips together and a lot of face time between their families. They weren't the only ones that emulated relationship goals, "If you think those guys have chemistry – I think we have chemistry," Jill Biden shared with People on her relationship with Michelle Obama. The younger Obama-Biden duo have yet to speak publicly of their friendship. If the relationship of their older counterparts is any indicator — they probably have a great friendship.

They attended the same high school

Sasha Obama and Maisy Biden attended Sidwell Friends School, a known private school in Washington, D.C., that boasts notable graduates from varying industries (via Business Insider). It is a Quaker day school that prides itself on its inclusivity and Quaker values. According to their school's philosophy, they aim to "inspire active engagement in environmental stewardship, global citizenship, and service."

Amongst its graduates are several presidential children such as Malia Obama (Sasha Obama's sister); Tricia Nixon Cox and Julie Nixon Eisenhower (daughters of Richard Nixon); Chelsea Clinton (daughter of Bill Clinton); and Archibald Roosevelt (son of Theodore Roosevelt) (via Washingtonian).

In an episode of the Armchair Expert, a podcast with Dax Shepard, Barack Obama revealed that Maisy Biden was one of Sasha Obama's best friends growing up. He also shared that he coached the fourth-grade rec league team they were in together. It must have been nice for both Sasha Obama and Maisy Biden to have a familiar face around campus that was also their best friend.

They were on the same basketball team

A healthy balance of extracurricular activities makes for a well-rounded education; Sasha Obama and Maisy Biden were probably aware of this. Together, they were a part of their high school basketball team called the Vipers. 

Maisy Biden was a standout athlete. While introducing his grandchildren to a crowd during his campaign trail, Joe Biden took a moment to share that Maisy Biden was a two-time all-state champion (via YouTube). Barack Obama can vouch for her athleticism, too; he called her the LeBron of their team (via People).

Barack Obama and Joe Biden didn't want to miss out on the fun either. They tried their best to be present during the girls' basketball games. Biden, in particular, attended the majority of his granddaughter's games. And he had quite a couple of games to show up for since she was also on the lacrosse and soccer team. On the other hand, Obama took it a step further by becoming the coach of their basketball team. He took time out of his schedule to bring their team to the gym every Saturday to do drills. One can only wonder how he could do all that while also fulfilling his duties as the president of the United States. We need Obama's productivity tips ASAP.

Barack Obama was their basketball coach for a time

For a time, Barack Obama was the basketball coach of his daughter's team. Yes, he already had a lot of things on his plate, given that he was president of the United States at this point, but he willingly made time for it. He admits in his memoir that coaching their basketball team was another way for him to spend quality time with Sasha Obama (via Today). Obama also had his presidential aide, Reggie Love, assist with basketball training. "When the Vipers won the league ... Reggie and I celebrated like it was the NCAA finals," Obama shared.

"The Vipers ruled," Obama said on an episode of Dax Shepard's podcast "Armchair Expert." Obama was one proud coach, and he had the skills for it, too — as exhibited in a viral video of him shooting a three-pointer.

The opposing teams were not pleased with this setup. In an interview with Today (via YouTube), Biden shared what their opponents had to say, "This is unfair. They can't have the president be their coach," she continues with a giggle, "I mean, we won the game, so maybe it wasn't fair." The Obama coaching stint was cut short due to complaints from the other parents. He was frustrated by the turn of events but ultimately understood, given his position. Instead, he supported the team from the sidelines with his buddy Joe Biden.

Sasha Obama and Maisy Biden celebrated their graduation together

Since Sasha Obama and Maisy Biden graduated together, it made sense that they celebrated together, too (via Us Weekly). According to The Hill, their families joined together to celebrate this milestone; Biden shared, "Her best friend Sasha Obama, Barack, Jill and the whole family, we had a whole get together." Though Joe Biden had to skip the Democratic Party's annual hall of fame dinner, being the family-oriented man he is, it was an occasion he couldn't miss as it also coincided with his daughter Ashley's birthday party.

A photo of their graduating batch was shared on Instagram with a quote from their commencement speaker Sheila Johnson "Life has never been about you or about me. Life and all that matters within it has always been about us." Joe Biden also took to share a photo with his granddaughter Maisy. He wrote in the caption, "The future is yours, and Nana and Pop will always be right behind you."

After graduating in 2019, Sasha Obama enrolled at the University of Michigan, a public Big Ten University. It was an unconventional choice compared to the usual Ivy League route pursued by the rest of her family, but she seems to be assimilating quite well (via The Detroit News). On the other hand, Maisy Biden continued her studies at the University of Pennsylvania, following the footsteps of her older siblings, Naomi Biden and Finnegan Biden (via Today).

They've been on trips together

There's nothing quite like getting to know someone while traveling together. Barack Obama and Joe Biden often had their families tag along for their trips. Hence, the birth of the first-ever Obama-Biden slumber party. In 2009, during the Democratic Convention in Denver, Finnegan Biden and Sasha Obama hatched the plan for a sleepover where they were joined by Malia Obama and the rest of the Biden grandkids, including Sasha Obama's best friend, Maisy Biden. "They cleared out the room, put down futons, they had popcorn and stuff ... the TV was on and they were watching, I don't know, Mermaid," Joe Biden told The Guardian.

Before the trip, Michelle Obama and Jill Biden even checked each other's packing lists to ensure all the kids' supplies were covered. Finger paint, coloring books, and most importantly – a basketball, which Maisy provided (via People).

Another perk with the job is a front-row seat to the biggest events and a chance to see their idols up close. Sasha Obama and Maisy Biden did not miss that opportunity during the 2015 Fifa Women's World Cup in Vancouver. They even skipped their summer-league basketball game for it (via Politico). In 2017, they had an upgrade from their spontaneous sleepover on futons. Sasha Obama and Maisy Biden were spotted on a girls' trip in Miami (via Us Weekly). They were billeted, along with other friends, at the highly-rated Setai Hotel.

The Biden grandkids consider the Obama sisters a source of inspiration

While there are definitely perks to being a part of the first family, there is also an undeniable pressure that comes with it. Malia and Sasha Obama grew up in the White House during the formative years of their lives. They moved into the White House in 2008, making Sasha Obama, then 10 years old, the youngest child to reside there since John F. Kennedy Jr. (via PBS).

Despite this, they could still grow up level-headed and well-rounded — mostly steering away from scandals. Joe Biden's grandchildren noticed this, too, and admired them for it. "We have had the privilege of being able to see our two of our friends navigate eight years of what was really difficult, and they did so beautifully ... And they came out so grounded and humble, and they're so smart and driven. I think we can only take advice from them," Finnegan Biden explained in an interview on the Today show (via YouTube). "We can only hope to do as well as they did," Maisy Biden added.

They have kept a relatively low profile

It goes without saying that their lives remain in the spotlight due to their affiliation with political figures, especially since Joe Biden also became a U.S. President. Somehow both Sasha Obama and Maisy Biden have kept a relatively low profile. In the case of the Obama sisters, they were rarely seen at public events during their stay in the White House since their parents wanted to give their lives a sense of normalcy (via Today).

Maisy Biden, with her public social media accounts and huge online following, is still able to keep many of her life's details away from the public eye. If you attempt a quick Google search, there are only a few known facts about her, mostly about her interests, outfits, and schooling.

As for Sasha Obama, since she was a minor during her stay at the White House, not many media photos were taken of her. Of course, some images would still slip through the cracks, albeit with swift action taken afterward. When bystanders could snap pictures of her and post them, they would later be taken down (via USA Today).

They aren't strangers to TikTok

It's probably impossible to find a teenager in 2022 who hasn't made or been a part of a TikTok video – both Sasha Obama and Maisy Biden aren't exempt from this. Biden more so than Obama, as she boasts a massive following on her TikTok account where she goes by the username "scoobeydoobey." She shares random videos of her day on her feed, some featuring the other Biden grandkids. As a TikTok staple, she also has her fair share of lip sync and dance videos, but the ones not to miss are those that exhibit her sense of humor. With her vibrant personality and unique sense of style, it's no wonder she's so popular on TikTok.

Obama, on the other hand, doesn't seem to have a publicly available account, but she has often been spotted in a quick cameo here and there with her friends (via YouTube). We have yet to see a TikTok video that they star together in.

There is a strong bond between their families

The trajectory of the Biden-Obama relations was quite unpredictable, but once forged, it became a powerful one. It turned out that the relationship between the two families was a match made in heaven. What started as a political move turned out to be much more than either party could have imagined. A big plus for Sasha Obama and Maisy Biden, who probably got more face time together because of it. To have your families get along is a bonus in any relationship.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Barack Obama celebrated his 44th birthday. It was scaled down due to safety protocols and a COVID surge, but best buddy Joe Biden was sure to send a virtual greeting for the event. In his video greeting, he shared, "The greatest gift of our time together is the bond between our families" (via People).

And that wasn't the last time the two families exhibited their close bond. In fact, at Beau Biden's funeral, Barack Obama prepared a eulogy. He made the place of the Obamas in the Biden family tree official, "Michelle and I and Sasha and Malia, we've become part of the Biden clan. We're honorary members now" (via NPR). In those eight years in office, the two clans went through many highs and lows together. We can imagine that amidst all that, what helped was the solid support system they had, which was each other.