October Scorpio Vs. November Scorpio: What's The Difference?

Born between Oct. 23 and Nov. 21, Scorpios are the eighth sign of the zodiac (via Almanac.com). Their element is water, and they're ruled by Pluto and Mars, per Mind Body Green. Scorpios are characterized as being one of the most intense members of the zodiac as they appear calm, cool, and collected on the surface but actually have very deep emotions under their tough exterior. For this reason, they can often be misunderstood.

According to PureWow, Scorpios crave stability and despise change. They like to know what's in store for them and how their future will look. This means that they often desire job stability and can be controlling in other areas of their life. The sign is also competitive and likes to have things their own way, so, if they lose out on something, they can get a bit upset about their defeat. 

The outlet suggests that Scorpios are made for careers in areas such as the arts, finance, or even technology. The sign is hard working and driven and has a reputation for being a fierce friend, parent, and partner.

However, all Scorpios are not built alike, and there are actually some big differences between a Scorpio born in October and one born in November.

October Scorpios value relationships and are known for going to extremes

While many Scorpios tend to have similar traits, those born in October are said to have the most intense Scorpio energy, per Bustle. These Scorpios are ruled solely by Pluto, which gives them more classic water sign traits, such as high emotions and a quest for the truth. The outlet also notes that these Scorpios are known for being more competitive and jealous than their November counterparts, and they can tend to be extreme when it comes to many areas of life.

October Scorpios are more social as they likely share some of Libra's traits. They like to form strong bonds and see relationships as one of the most important things in their world (via Horoscope.com). These people also have reputations for being goal-oriented and will go to great lengths in their search for knowledge, per Astrozella. They're said to be very assertive and passionate while also staying loyal and honest (via Best Life Tips).

Meanwhile, Scorpios born in November have some very different personality traits.

November Scorpios are spiritual and moody

While October Scorpios value truth and knowledge, those born in November are said to be more on the spiritual side and can often have Neptune or the moon as a co-ruler in their birth charts (via Bustle). They're said to have a heightened sense of mystical power. 

However, they're also moodier than their fellow October Scorpios. Members of the sign born in November have deep emotional sides that allow them to be empathetic to the feelings of others around them. November Scorpios have also made a name for themselves for being a bit on the mysterious side. They like being in the dark and accompanied by the moon and have been known to hide some juicy secrets.

While October Scorpios tend to have Libra energy, November Scorpios are born closer to the Sagittarius sign, which makes them value freedom. They're also known for being more open-minded and having a more positive outlook on life than their counterparts (via Astrology.com). Best Life Tips notes that many November Scorpios also prefer a quiet place of solitude and calm over noisy environments.

It seems that, while October and November Scorpios are so much alike, they also have some very big differences, proving that no two members of the zodiac are identical and that birth charts will offer more insight into your horoscope.