All Of Kate Roberts' Husbands On Days Of Our Lives

Romance is often in the air in Salem, and "Days of Our Lives" viewers have seen some truly epic couples form on the soap opera through the years. Pairings such as John Black and Marlena Evans, Bo and Hope Brady, and Steve Johnson and Kayla Brady have captivated fans throughout the decades and given them something to root for, per Fame 10. Those super couples also paved the way for other fan-favorite duos, such as Chad DiMera and Abigail Deveraux, Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakis, Ben Weston and Ciara Brady, and many more.

While it seems that every major character on the show has been given multiple romantic interests over the years, one character may take the cake when it comes to romantic partners. Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) has been paired with many of Salem's finest men, including Daniel Jonas, Rafe Hernandez, John Black, Clyde Weston, Bill Horton, EJ DiMera, Jack Deveraux, and many more (via Soap Central).

However, only a select few have walked down the aisle with Kate and were able to call themselves her husband.

Kate was married to Curtis Reed and Victor Kiriakis during her early days in Salem

"Days of Our Lives" fans first met the character of Kate Roberts in 1993. It was revealed that Kate's first husband, Curtis Reed (Nick Benedict), was very abusive, and Kate looked to Bill Horton (then Edward Mallory) for comfort (via Soaps). When Curtis learned about Kate's infidelity, he took their two children, Austin and Billie, and left. He later staged a car accident that made Kate believe her kids had died. Kate later gave birth to her son, Lucas, who Bill fathered. When she came to Salem, she was looking for a new start and was hired as an executive at Titan Industries, owned by Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston).

Kate and Victor began to grow close and ultimately fell in love. The two eventually got married and tried to conceive a child together. Kate desperately wanted to give Victor another son, and later Philip Kiriakis was born (via Soap Central). Kate and Victor had a volatile relationship, and Victor's former love Vivian Alamain was a constant thorn in their sides. Kate went on to have an affair with Nicholas Alamain (Victor Webster), and she and Victor called it quits for good. They divorced but have remained friendly over the years for the sake of their son, Philip.

Although Kate's first two marriage's were full of drama, that didn't discourage her from finding love again.

Kate also wed Roman Brady and Stefano DiMera

After Kate Roberts ended her marriage with Victor Kiriakis, she was forced to start all over again. She landed a job at Basic Black and began dating Roman Brady (Josh Taylor), per Soaps in Depth. "Days of Our Lives" viewers saw Kate and Roman's romance blossom quickly and even learned that they were the parents of Rex and Cassie Brady, who had been genetically engineered by the DiMeras. Sadly, tragedy struck at their wedding reception when Roman became a victim of a serial killer dubbed the Salem Stalker. The stalker turned out to be Marlena Evans, but it was all a ruse. All of Marlena's so-called victims were alive and well on Melaswen Island

During the time that Roman and Marlena were on the island, Kate grew close to John Black (Drake Hogestyn), and they even got engaged. However, when Roman returned, she went back to her husband. Roman and Marlena proved to have too many issues, and they decided to divorce (via Soap Central).

While down on her luck again, Kate turned to Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo) for money. Stefano indulged Kate but then blackmailed her into marriage. They wed in 2009, but their relationship later turned into real love. Unfortunately, the couple split after Stefano found out Kate had cheated on him, and Stefano was later killed by Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso). 

Kate's love life has certainly been a rollercoaster ride over the years, but "Days of Our Lives" fans have loved every minute of the drama.