What Happened To Jack Deveraux On Days Of Our Lives?

Over the years, "Days of Our Lives" fans have come to know and love the character of Jack Deveraux (primarily played by Matthew Ashford). Jack was first introduced to "DOOL" viewers back in 1987 when he came to Salem to seek treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma (via Soap Central). Since that time, longtime viewers have watched Jack carry out some devious plans and shocking actions, as well as evolve into a loving husband and family member.

Jack is definitely one of the most polarizing characters on the NBC soap opera, as he often makes big mistakes that hurt those around him. However, he is also a devoted family man, who carries a great love for his wife, Jennifer Horton, per Soaps. It may be hard to pinpoint where he lies on the scale of most beloved characters, but the relationship between Jack and Jennifer has been a favorite of fans over the years. It's also clear that he's been one of the most entertaining Salemites to watch over the decades, as fans can never predict what he might do next.

Jack's history in Salem is a long one, filled with many twists and turns, but fans wouldn't have it any other way.

Jack first came to Salem looking for medical treatment

When Jack Deveraux moved to Salem in the late 1980s, his father hired then-nurse Kayla Brady (Mary Beth Evans) to care for him. At the time, Kayla was in love with Steve "Patch" Johnson (Stephen Nichols), but Jack still fell head over heels for her. When Steve spurned Kayla's advances, she agreed to marry Jack (via Soap Central). However, the feelings between Steve and Kayla were too strong to deny and "Days of Our Lives" viewers watched as the two started an affair. Jack eventually found out about Kayla's betrayal and lost control of himself. He not only found someone to beat up Steve, but he also raped Kayla.

During a fight, Jack was critically injured and needed a kidney transplant. The only person who was a match ended up being Steve, who was revealed to be Jack's biological brother, per Soaps in Depth. Steve's mother asked him to donate a kidney and he agreed. Meanwhile, Kayla pressed charges against Jack, but later dropped them and settled for a divorce instead.

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Jack tried to turn over a new leaf after meeting Jennifer

According to Soaps in Depth, "Days of Our Lives" opted to reform the character of Jack Deveraux after he committed unspeakable acts against Kayla Brady and Steve Johnson. Following the drama with Kayla and Steve, Jack decided to purchase Salem's local newspaper, The Spectator. During his time working at the publication, Jack met Jennifer Horton (Melissa Reeves). Although the two butted heads at first, they worked together to help a homeless woman named Sally by pretending to be married so that they could adopt her child. While pretending to be in a relationship, the two realized that their romantic feelings were real.

However, their budding romance was hindered when Jennifer's former love, Emilio, popped back up. All the while, Jack continued to fall for Jennifer, and on the day that she was set to be married to Emilio, he kidnapped his love. Jack and Jennifer finally solidified their relationship, but after Jennifer married Lawrence Alamain to save Carly Manning (via Soaps), she was raped by Lawrence. Her trauma kept her from opening up to Jack (via Soap Central). Jack later worked to have Lawrence charged for his crime, and he was sent to prison. This set Jack and Jennifer on a path to healing.

Jack abandoned his family and had an affair with Jennifer's mother

After many ups and downs, "Days of Our Lives" viewers finally got to see Jack Deveraux and Jennifer Horton tie the knot. The couple married in a wild west-themed ceremony and soon found out that Jennifer was expecting their first child, per Soap Central. When Jack learned that Jennifer was pregnant he was very conflicted. Jack had believed that his Hodgkin's lymphoma had returned and that he would die leaving Jennifer with their baby girl. He sold the Spectator for money, but it turned out that Jack wasn't sick at all. However, when the couple's daughter, Abigail, was born it was discovered that she suffered from aplastic anemia. It was also revealed she contracted the condition due to polluted drinking water — which was caused by a decision Jack had made years before. Jack was so full of guilt about Abigail's illness that he decided to leave Salem.

Jack was missing from Salem for years after that. During that time, he checked himself into a mental health facility where he began an intimate relationship with a woman who was later revealed to be Jennifer's mother, Laura Horton, per Soaps in Depth. Jack later decided to return to Salem, but things had changed. Jennifer had met Peter Blake and the two ended up getting married, but Peter was not as good as he seemed to be. When Jack was wrongfully arrested for his murder, he plotted to break out of prison and get his family back. He and Jennifer then took Abigail and went on the run, where they eventually joined a circus to make ends meet (via TV Fanatic).

Jack has been presumed dead many times

"Days of Our Lives" saw Jack get his name cleared following his return to Salem, and he and Jennifer decided to take Abby and move to Africa. Fans didn't see Jack and Jennifer for years following their move (via Soap Central). However, it was eventually revealed that the pair had split after Jen grew tired of Jack's scheming. She took Abigail and returned home to Salem. Jack followed soon after and the duo got back together once again. After remarrying in 2003, Jack was shockingly killed by a serial killer named The Salem Stalker. Shortly after Jack's death, Jennifer learned that she was pregnant with the couple's second child, per Soaps in Depth. Jack and many other beloved Salemites were slain by the killer, who turned out to be Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) under mind control. It was later revealed that the victims were not actually dead, but taken to a remote location named Melaswen Island.

While trying to save Jack, Jennifer gave birth to their son, JJ. Upon returning to Salem together, their happiness was short-lived when Jack was diagnosed with a rare blood disease. He then began to push Jennifer toward her former boyfriend, Frankie Brady, to ensure that she and his children would be taken care of after his death. Jack then faked his death and entered hospice. While at the hospital, Jack found his missing brother, Steve. However, according to TV Fanatic, Steve had amnesia. Luckily, after making a miraculous recovery, Jack brought Steve back to Salem and Jennifer was shocked to see him.

Jack sacrificed his life to save Abigail

The drama didn't end when Jack returned to Salem. He and Jennifer eventually reconciled and decided to move to London with their children. However, as "Days of Our Lives" viewers know, the couple didn't live happily ever after. Jennifer eventually returned to Salem without Jack and tried to move on with her life. When Jack returned home, he again tried to win his wife back, per TV Fanatic. The couple was on the verge of a reunion when Jack sacrificed his life to save his daughter, Abigail, during a deadly explosion (via Soap Central).

After Jack's death, Jennifer struggled to raise their children and keep herself on the straight and narrow. She even struggled with a drug addiction, per Soaps. However, after cleaning herself up and getting back on track, she was shocked to see Jack return from the dead yet again on New Year's Eve 2019. Jack came back to Salem on the arm of Eve Donovan (Kassie DaPaiva). The entire town was stunned to learn that Dr. Rolf's serum had resurrected him, but that he had amnesia. Using Rolf's serum to get his memory back, Jack and Jennifer again reunited (via Soaps in Depth). Sadly, on their wedding day, Jennifer suffered an injury that put her in a coma which lasted for an entire year.

Jack and Jennifer moved to Boston for a fresh start

"Days of Our Lives" skipped an entire year during Jennifer's coma, and fans got to see all the things that happened through her eyes as she learned that some people had died and others were in jail. Viewers were also clued into the fact that Jack had an affair with Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow), per Soaps in Depth. To make matters worse, shortly after Jennifer's recovery, Jack learned that he had a long-lost daughter, Gwen Rizczech (Emily O'Brien). Jennifer ended up leaving town to deal with all of the revelations. When she returned, she and Jack reconciled and decided to work through their issues.

The couple bought a newspaper in Boston and moved away from Salem to start the next chapter in their lives (via The Focus). However, they've made multiple appearances since then to visit with their family and help their loved ones.

Jack has one of the most dramatic and interesting journeys on "DOOL," and fans still get sucked into to his adventures after decades of watching the character evolve.