The Soap Opera That You'll Fall In Love With If You're A Capricorn

Earning reputations for being hardcore workaholics, it's no secret that Capricorns typically spend a lot of time working, per PureWow. Since this ambitious earth sign is so devoted to working, movies, TV, and music are excellent escapes for career-obsessed Capricorns. For instance, Capricorns should try to watch a Lifetime movie to laugh at the poor acting and quality at times while taking in the dramatic plot. Moreover, Capricorns should listen to their favorite types of songs to get in touch with their feelings and sing along to unwind after stressful days.


Watching soap operas is another excellent method of entertainment for Capricorns. This practical sign typically likes sticking to a routine (via, so Capricorns will appreciate that soap operas are often on at the same time every weekday. Plus, the plots are usually more complicated and have more characters than you'll see on other TV shows, so intelligent Capricorns will enjoy the challenge of having to keep up. 

If you're a Capricorn, we know which soap opera you should start watching now.

Family-loving Capricorns will enjoy the theme of family in General Hospital

Born between December 22 and January 19, Capricorns are one of the most family-focused zodiac signs, per Bustle, so people belonging to this sign will enjoy watching shows that center on families. According to IMDb, "General Hospital" is a soap opera about various families who live in Port Charles, a somewhat dangerous town in New York. Many characters in "General Hospital" are parts of large families, such as the Corinthos family, the Cassadines, and the Quartermaine family. While other signs will likely find such large and complicated family trees overwhelming, Capricorns will appreciate them.


Family is such a prominent theme in "General Hospital" that a voiceover in a promo for the show in 2020 even said, "in Port Charles, families always come together" (via YouTube). Capricorns won't be able to resist the heartfelt family-focused scenes, such as when Leo, an adorable little boy, was officially welcomed into the Quartermaine family, per YouTube. On the other hand, the families on "General Hospital" face a lot of intense and stressful drama (via YouTube), so watching all those extreme situations will probably make Capricorns feel better about their real-life family drama!

Hard-working Capricorns will appreciate the career-focused aspects of the show

According to Astrotalk, Capricorns are arguably the sign with the best work ethic. Thus, they'll want to watch shows that display different characters working hard in various career paths. Many characters in "General Hospital" work hard in different industries, and we're not just talking about Sonny Corinthos' "coffee business." Since some of the soap opera takes place at a hospital, viewers will watch the fictional doctors and nurses, such as Portia Robinson and Elizabeth Webber, do their jobs as they help patients.


Moreover, "General Hospital" features fictional companies, such as Deception, a cosmetics business (via General Hospital Blog). During an episode, Deception has a party where characters discuss business-related topics such as partnerships and IPOs, per YouTube, which business-savvy Capricorns should understand. Moreover, a company on "General Hospital" named ELQ International is the reason behind the Quartermaine family's riches, per Soap Opera Spy.

Additionally, the show has some intriguing storylines about characters who work hard to change career paths. For example, Chase is a former police officer who's deciding to switch paths and work as a singer instead (via Soaps In Depth). Hard-working Capricorns will enjoy watching the ultra-talented musician perform as he shows passionate determination to achieve his goals.


The sexy scenes will appeal to a Capricorn's wild side

Capricorns work hard, but don't let their professional ambition make you think they're boring — they're not, especially when it comes to sex. Believe it or not, Capricorns are just as passionate about their sex lives as they are regarding their careers, so they enjoy watching shows with steamy scenes. "They become alive during sex and love to explore the body, both their own and their partner's. This sign likes to allow unorthodox or unpredictable qualities to show up during sex, as they're usually so reserved publically," Isaiah Alpheratz, an astrologer, told Nylon.


"General Hospital" has many passionate, intense sex scenes. While some might feel uncomfortable watching these sultry scenes, Capricorns will likely enjoy all the sexy details. Whether it's the romantic moment where Michael and Willow make love while slow music plays (via YouTube) or Ava's wild sexual antics, per YouTube, "General Hospital's" intimate scenes scream Capricorn. There was even a storyline involving a leaked sex tape (via Soap Hub), as sexual activity plays a prominent role in the soap opera.

So, Capricorns, are you ready to start watching "General Hospital?"