Why Your Next BFF Date Should Involve Seeing Ticket To Paradise

Warning: There are spoilers ahead!

"Ticket to Paradise" hit U.S. theaters on October 21, and critics agree that the romantic comedy starring the iconic Julia Roberts and George Clooney is a whole lot of fun (via Rotten Tomatoes). The film takes place on the beautiful island of Bali, and with Clooney and Roberts' on-screen chemistry, this is a must-see romantic comedy for fans looking for a feel-good escape to the cinema.

While the bulk of "Ticket to Paradise" is centered around an evolving love story between Lily, played by actress Kaitlyn Dever, and Maxime Bouttier's character, Gede, there are more relationships at play. Lily's relationship with her parents, Georgia (Roberts) and David (Clooney), is at the center of the storyline.

While Lily is trying to plan a perfect wedding in line with traditions in Bali and navigating her complicated relationship with her parents, she has one person by her side who she can count on for unconditional support: her best friend. 

The special bond between these BFFs will make you want to see the movie with your own

When Lily (Kaitlyn Dever) graduates from law school and takes an exciting trip to Bali to celebrate, there is a key person by her side through it all. Her BFF, Wren, played by the fabulous Billie Lourde, is a crucial figure of support. She's there as they walk the stage following their law school graduation, and is by her side when she meets the man she falls in love with.

We see Wren throughout the movie playing a critical role in Lily's life. She's there at the same island party with Lily and Gede, getting them drinks even if they left her to go walk to the pier. She's by her side as Lily attempts to deal with the issues brought on by her parents who come to Bail in an attempt to sabotage her marriage.

Wren never makes Lily feel like she's making the wrong decision. She's a solid friend who had unlimited support to give throughout the movie. Wren was on board with Lily's life choices long before her own parents were.

While this movie is surely a rom-com, there is a storyline to be found about true friendship and sisterly bonds. This movie is a must-see if you have a special friend like Wren in your life.