General Hospital's Laura Wright And Cameron Mathison Talk Carly And Drew's New 'Supercouple' Status

Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) and Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) have an interesting history on "General Hospital." Carly and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) were best friends for decades, and when Jason was presumed dead, she was somewhat lost although she had her husband, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) for support. When Drew came to town everyone thought he was Jason because Jason's memories had been implanted in his brain. When the real Jason turned up alive, and the truth came out about Drew's memories, Carly distanced herself from Drew, per Soaps in Depth.

Recently, after Jason was presumed dead yet again, Carly and Drew started getting close. She gambled her half of the Metro Court Hotel to help Drew's company, but this failed and to top it off, she got divorced from Sonny. Carly and Drew started developing feelings for each other, but because of the divorce, she went on a trip to a leadership seminar in Aruba to find out who she is without a man in her life. Her trip got derailed and she ended up stranded in Jacksonville, Florida where she's had to confront her past. Drew showed up to offer help and support, and their romantic feelings for each other are still creating sparks (via Soap Opera Spy).

"GH" has taken the story to a real life location, which has also made the real world news.

Carly and Drew's story takes them to a real life location

On "General Hospital," the story of Carly Corinthos' journey to Florida will culminate in a beach setting, and the show went on location to Malibu as a stand-in for Jacksonville. Entertainment Tonight was there to cover it, interviewing Wright and Cameron Mathison. When asked what it was like to be out of the studio on location, Wright said, "It's super fun!" while Mathison added that, "It's one thing to be out of the studio and it's another thing to get out of the studio and be out on this gorgeous beach." 

ET said that the two are poised to be a super couple and that the fans are referring to them as #crew. "We really like it," said Wright, "Our couple name. Our couple hashtag. They [the fans] have been waiting for kissing and for Cameron to take his shirt off."

ET also asked Wright about why she shared pictures of herself on Instagram without makeup for her 52nd birthday. "This is me at 52 with no makeup on and naturally curly hair," she said "I did it mostly to honor myself and my 52 years and being very proud of who I am and where I stand at this point in my life."

With Carly and Drew set to be the new "GH" super couple, fans are excited to see if any romance occurs in the beautiful beach setting.