Glamnetic's Newest Collection Is Leaning Hard Into Y2K Nostalgia

Everyone tuned into the fashion and beauty worlds knows that early 2000s looks are back and thriving. Between the divisive Y2K tattoo trend coming back with a vengeance and countless Y2K fashion pieces filling up our favorite clothing stores, the early aughts are taking over the 2020s. For instance, there are more than three million posts devoted to #y2k on Instagram. Arguably one of the sassiest decades in fashion history, the early 2000s were all about wearing the color pink, bold animal prints, and long, sparkly nails.

Since the Y2K aesthetic is popping up all over in 2022, many beauty companies have been getting in on the trend by selling makeup and accessories that fit that loud yet girly era's vibe. One of those companies is Glamnetic, a beauty company focused on eyelashes and nails. Selling products that you can also purchase from more famous beauty retailers — Sephora and Ulta Beauty — Glamnetic has more than 480,000 followers on Instagram. Leaning into the early 2000s trend, this lash and nail-obsessed beauty brand is embracing Y2K nostalgia with its new Bratz-inspired collection.

The Glamnetic x Bratz Collection is giving early 2000s sass

While Glamnetics's Bratz-inspired collection fits right in with the Y2K resurgence, the brand's reasoning behind this new collection is focused on more than just being trendy. "Glamnetic is thrilled to collaborate with Bratz as a means of showing our personal expression through press-on nails and lashes. Ann McFerran, CEO/Founder of Glamnetic, grew up playing with her Bratz dolls ... Our inspiration behind the collaboration was to create a collection with Bratz which can be worn not only on glam nights out, but also on an everyday basis," Glamnetic told Byrdie.

The Glamnetic x Bratz Collection features many fun and flirty lash and nail items inspired by Bratz dolls, serving all the girly Y2K sass you could imagine. For example, the Bratz PR Box Mixed is available at Glamnetic for around $200 and features the Bratz Nail Set, in addition to the Cloe, Yasmin, Jade, and Sasha lash kits and nail sets. You can also opt for individual lash and nail kit options instead, such as the Bratz Nails, a kit of press-on nails with sparkly pink tips.

So, are you ready to channel your inner Bratz doll with the Glamnetic x Bratz Collection?