Biden's Latest Interview Proves Why Democrats Are Anxious For A 2024 Run For Re-Election

President Joe Biden is acknowledging the elephant in the room. In a Sunday interview with MSNBC, the President agreed that it's "totally legitimate" for voters to take his age into consideration when they head to the polls in 2024 (via The Washington Post).

His comments seem especially poignant given recent polls that show only half of Democrats want to see the almost 80-year-old's name on the ballot in the general election. And, another recent sit-down with MSNBC revealed that the leader's relatively-advanced age is perhaps taking a toll on the Delaware native as he nears decision time as to whether he'll run.

Indeed, a clip of Biden talking to Jonathan Capehart seemingly shows him dozing off while answering a question about whether his wife supports a potential re-election bid (via New York Post). The viral video is making the rounds on Twitter, where critics are alleging things are "getting worse" for the Democrat.

Joe Biden's sleepy moment couldn't come at a worse time

Consider that in recent weeks, Joe Biden's gaffes have seemed especially cringeworthy. Not only did the POTUS appear to forget that lawmaker Jackie Walorski had passed away this summer in a grisly car accident, but he heartbreakingly misspoke in talking about his son Beau's death.

Now, with Biden zoning out during his interview, not surprisingly, Twitter is wondering if he's up to the task of running the country for another four years. "Nothing to see here, Biden nearly fell asleep and forgot he was being interviewed on National TV," one critic tweeted.

Indeed, watching the clip of the Democrat seems to even show Jonathan Capehart startled by his subject nodding off, with the MSNBC alum prodding, "Mr. President?" 

"Really, really sad," someone commented on the viral moment, while another critic said about Biden's sleepy declaration he plans to run again, "Hell no."

To be fair, the controversial Democrat had his supporters online as well, with one person claiming the President was simply pausing and did not fall asleep mid-interview.