Which Hairbrush Is Best For Long Hair?

Having long hair can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, long hair can create almost any hairstyle. Buns, updos, and other looks are possible without much fuss. However, having long hair also means you have much more to maintain and keep clean. Whether or not maintenance is a deterring factor, it's a vital part of having long hair.

One of the essential tools you need for your long hair is the right hairbrush. Choosing the best hairbrush for your hair is key to keeping it healthy and tangle-free. As stylist Leigh Hardes tells Glamour, this means looking at every element of the brush itself. Things like the type of bristle and size of the brush are important to consider when choosing your tool. Even a minor detail, such as a different bristle shape, can make a difference. If you want your tresses to look their best, you'll need to pick the correct brush for the job.

What hairbrush do you need to use

The best hairbrush for your long hair is the one that will leave it looking long and luscious.

According to hairstylist Mark Garrison, a paddle brush is the best one for the job (via TODAY). It's considered ideal for long hair because it covers a large surface area and can spread the natural oils in your roots throughout your hair strands. Since those naturally-produced oils can act as a conditioner of sorts, a paddle brush can help ensure they cover every part of your scalp with ease.

When your hair is wet, you want to be extra careful about which type of hairbrush you use on your hair. Per Head & Shoulders, wet hair is in its most vulnerable state for breakage, meaning too much tugging or pulling on your hair strands can damage your hair cuticles over time. Parade suggests using a specially-designed wet brush to help detangle your hair without damaging it. Additionally, a hairbrush with two-tiered bristles helps comb through the hair with minimum tugging.

While you don't need a collection of hair brushes, you do want to ensure you have the correct ones for the most common uses like detangling and smoothing.

How to maintain your long hair

Maintaining long hair is about much more than just picking out the right hairbrush. Even though brushing is an essential part of your routine, there are more factors for ensuring a strong, healthy mane.

Along with using the right tool, regularly applying a quality conditioner ensures your long tresses don't get tangled or knotted. Pete & Pedro recommends conditioning long hair every day for maximum benefit. According to Hairstory, leave-in and in-shower conditioners are both acceptable, but leave-in products do give active ingredients more time to do their job. Getting into the habit of regular conditioning will help keep your hair smooth and knot-free so you won't have to struggle with a brush. 

Luxy Hair adds that if you use heat to style your hair, you will want to use heat protectants to keep your strands in good shape. Heat is a dangerous enemy for your hair, so you want to minimize the amount of damage it can cause. If you use heat styling tools such as hair straighteners or blow dryers, you also want to go in with a hydrating treatment around twice a week. If you're conditioning daily, as recommended above, this should help. Replenishing your hair with nutrients and hydration helps it recover more quickly and limits the appearance of any heat damage.