A Complete Timeline Of Sofia Richie's Relationships

Is that wedding bells we hear? Sofia Richie, the youngest daughter of singer-songwriter extraordinaire Lionel Richie, announced her engagement to Elliot Grainge on April 20, 2022, in a heartfelt Instagram post captioned: "Forever isn't long enough [Elliot]." The first of two photos she shared on Instagram shows Grainge proposing on one knee amid a bevy of candles while the second shows the two kissing as Richie shows off her dazzling engagement ring. As of August 2022, the couple started moving full steam ahead with wedding planning (per Us Weekly).

Since her late teens, Richie has been one of the fashion crowd's favorite "it" girls. The model and social media influencer has a storied romantic past, with many famous exes. Ahead of her wedding, let's take a look back at Richie's past relationships — from all the ones she won't be singing "Stuck on You" to to the guy who is now "The Only One."

Sofia Richie and Jaden Smith dated when they were younger

According to Us Weekly, Jaden Smith and Sofia Richie started dating in 2012, when they were 14 years old. Although their romantic relationship didn't last long, they have remained close friends who hang out in Los Angeles and have each other's backs. In 2020, rumors began swirling about Smith and Richie reigniting their relationship. They were spotted looking cozy together on a beach in Malibu (via StyleCaster).

However, Smith dispelled the gossip on "On Air With Ryan Seacrest," saying, "Me and [Sofia] have been friends for like 10 years. We've been going to the beach pretty consistently for 10 years too. But, yeah, we're just homies and we love each other and it was fun." While these two appear to have given love a shot at an early age, a strong friendship is what is in the cards for them as adults.

She and Justin Bieber had a 'special relationship'

From August to September 2016, Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie were spotted traveling the globe together — from Mexico and Japan. Over the course of their six-week relationship, Richie and the "Sorry" singer formed a unique bond. In September 2016, Richie told Billboard magazine, "We have a special relationship. Justin is very easy to talk to, and that's hard to find with people in Los Angeles." 

Nonetheless, the romance eventually fizzled out, reportedly due to timing and where Justin was at in his life. A source told People magazine, "These girls all go crazy for him, but he's not settling down. It's virtually impossible where he's at in his life and career for anything to last with these girls."

In 2018, a couple of years after Bieber and Richie broke up, Bieber married model Hailey Baldwin at a New York City courthouse (via People).

Brooklyn Beckham and Sofia Richie strike out

Both Sofia Richie and Brooklyn Beckham come from famous families, so they could undoubtedly relate to each other. Brooklyn is, of course, the oldest son of English soccer star David Beckham and entertainment and fashion icon Victoria Beckham. Although it seems like Richie and Beckham had an initial spark, it, unfortunately, burned out quickly. 

According to Popsugar, the duo allegedly shared a short and sweet romance that took place in London and Los Angeles from late 2016 to early 2017. The pair was seen walking together in Beverly Hills with friends, as well as hanging out and having fun together at the Bloomsbury Bowling Alley in London (via People).

While the pair appears to have struck out in love the U.K. native later went on to marry actor Nicola Peltz in a dreamy ceremony in Palm Beach, Florida on April 9, 2022 (per Elle).

Things with Scott Disick became royally complicated

Perhaps Sofia Richie's most famous and complicated relationship was the one with Kourtney Kardashian's ex, Scott Disick. Richie and Disick were first spotted together in the South of France in May 2017, where they celebrated Disick's 34th birthday (via Daily Mail). At the time Richie was only 18, making Disick 16 years her senior, which raised many an eyebrow. To add fuel to the fire, Richie was longtime friends with Kylie Jenner, Kourtney's sister, leading many to believe it was only a fling. However, the unexpected on-again, off-again relationship lasted three years before they decided to officially call it quits (via Grazia). And what caused the split?

On the Season 20 premiere of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" (via People), Disick explains that Richie presented him with an ultimatum: "She was like, 'I don't want to share you as a boyfriend with Kourtney. And then she literally said with an ultimatum: 'You have to choose me or Kourtney.'" Disick continued, saying, "And I was like, but Kourtney is Kourtney and my kids. It's a unit. I said, 'How could you even want that for me?' It just became an impossible relationship to keep carrying on with." 

After all the ups and downs, is the lord still looking for his lady? According to Entertainment Tonight, Disick began dating Rod Stewart's daughter, Kimberly Stewart, in summer 2022.

Elliot Grainge is Sofia Richie's 'favorite person'

In April 2021, Entertainment Tonight reported that Sofia Richie had officially started dating Elliot Grainge. Fast forward one year and the couple is engaged!

Like Richie, Grainge has a famous father, Sir Lucian Grainge, who is the CEO and chairman of Universal Music Group. Like father, like son, Grainge also works in the music industry and is the founder and CEO of the Los Angeles independent record label 10K Projects. Speaking to his dad's influence, he told Variety in 2019, "What I noticed about my father's negotiating style was how transparent, honest and sensible he was. When you put your cards on the table like that, negotiating is less competitive and more about teamwork. How can we get this done together so that everybody is happy?" In May, Richie and Grainge celebrated their engagement with a floral-themed party. According to People, Joel and Benji Madden, Nicole Richie, and Miles Richie were all in attendance.

As of this writing, the two are focused on wedding planning and enjoying their time together. In an Instagram post Richie shared in July 2022, Richie referred to her fiance as her

favorite person" — aww. Cheers to the happy couple!