How To Emulate Taylor Swift's Midnights Manicure

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard at least one song from Taylor Swift's new album "Midnights." The album was an instant hit — as reported by The Guardian, "Midnights" even broke the Spotify record for the most-streamed album in a day (and yes, it achieved that record before midnight). Swift only served to heighten the hype by cheekily releasing another edition of her album only a few hours after the original. Called "Midnights (3 a.m. Edition)," the bonus album did indeed drop at 3 a.m. and contained seven extra tracks (via NME).

As expected, Swift's new album has ushered in a new style era, with the singer-songwriter wearing midnight blue silky gowns with fur coats alongside cozy-looking striped jumpers (via E! News). On the cover of "Midnights," Swift has orange-red lips and shimmering blue eyelids, proving that she's not afraid to take fashion risks. We're always envious of her wardrobe, but when she posted a picture of her special "Midnights" manicure, we knew we had to recreate it. 

Her midnight nails pay homage to her latest album

You can recreate Taylor Swift's starry nails by yourself in just a few steps. Per Byrdie, your first step is to make sure your nails are filed in a short and round shape like Swift's if you want to achieve her exact look. Next, apply your preferred base coat to give your mani lasting power. 

You can use any navy blue nail polish, but Refinery29 recommends Essie nail polish in the shade Bobbing for Baubles. Its subtly shimmery base is super glam, and it's also under $10. Another great choice is Sally Hansen nail polish in the shade Midnight Mod — even the name matches! 

Once your navy polish is fully dry, use clear glitter nail polish over the top for a night sky vibe. If you want to be as extra as Swift, seek out a nail topper with silver stars for a true "Midnights" mani look. Finish with a polish topcoat to make sure your hard work doesn't chip easily, and you're done! Blue nail polish is an especially apt choice for the winter months, and the shimmer is perfect for the holiday season, so get practicing now to make sure your mani glimmers all night long.