Joy-Anna Duggar Takes Heat From Fellow Parents After Sharing A Concerning Picture Of Her Son

Millions watched Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth literally grow up on "19 Kids & Counting" and "Counting On." Now, she's a young wife and mom of two — and recently, Joy-Anna Duggar revealed the big news she's expecting her third child in the spring of 2023 (via YouTube). But while many fans — and her horde of siblings — love to follow her adventures in parenthood through her social media, other reality show watchers have questioned her parenting decisions.

She's not the only one who gets slammed by mom-shamers. Older sister Jessa Duggar Seewald has faced lots of criticism for the way she's raising her own brood of four. One photo Jessa shared of her oldest son caused controversy because followers thought he looked a bit too chubby for his age (via Instagram). However, Joy tends to get more grief for what some consider carelessness. 

Fans freaked out recently over a shot of her living room TV, which is positioned freestanding on top of a low cabinet. That, they argued, made it a tipping hazard for 4-year-old Gideon and 2-year-old Ivy (via The U.S. Sun). Joy has also gotten tsk-tsked for a post showing Gideon standing in his dad's bulldozer with no shoes on. "Kids shouldn't be taught to view tractors as 'playgrounds,' even when they're stationary. It just seems to set a bad precedent," said one commenter on a popular Duggar Reddit page. "[A]gricultural associations advise against kids under seven being near tractors at all."

Just days later, Joy put up another post that seemed to defy the critics.

Joy Duggar Forsyth seems to be sending a message to the haters

On October 22, Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth shared photos of her two children helping their dad, Austin, in the family garage. Among the odds and ends inside was a huge tractor tire, which seemed to fascinate the kids no end. Little Evelyn "Evy" Mae posed happily behind the tire that was bigger than she was, while 4-year-old Gideon was captured holding a cordless screwdriver or drill against the hubcap. "Saturday projects," said the proud mom. Some followers praised the Forsyths for teaching their son some skills. "I grew up learning how to identify the correct tools and hand them off to the mechanic. It's a time that neither of them will ever forget," said one.

But as The U.S. Sun has pointed out, other Duggar followers may see it as an ER visit waiting to happen. The pic shows Gideon going barefoot in the cluttered garage, just as in the bulldozer photo. The preschooler's grin for the camera also means that his eyes were off the power tool. Joy herself grew up in a household filled with order and rules; might this be her way of loosening the reins a bit, just as sister Jinger Duggar Vuolo is considered the rebel of the family for being the first daughter to wear pants instead of skirts (via In Touch Weekly)?

In any event, Joy has since taken the pic of Gideon down. Perhaps the expectant mom decided she doesn't need the stress of dealing with the haters.