Dolly Parton Pens An Emotional Message About The Death Of Leslie Jordan

Actor and comedian Leslie Jordan tragically died on October 24 after suffering a medical emergency while driving, leading him to lose control of his car and crash into a building (via TMZ). He was 67 years old.

According to IMDb, Jordan began his acting career in the 1980s and has appeared in movies like "The Help," as well as the TV series that made him a household name, "Will & Grace." He also made appearances in several popular series including "American Horror Story," "Ugly Betty," and "Murphy Brown." Since last year, he has held a starring role in the Fox sitcom "Call Me Kat."

Celebrities shared tributes online following the news of the actor's death. Jordan's "Will & Grace" co-star Sean Hayes penned a touching tribute on Twitter, writing, "My heart is broken. Leslie Jordan was one of the funniest people I ever had the pleasure of working with." George Takei also took to Twitter, tweeting, "Leslie, we are heartbroken at your loss and will miss your mirth and your inimitable spirit." Several other stars have shared their memories and tributes, including Octavia Spencer, Rosie O'Donnell, and Joel McHale.

Now, Dolly Parton has shared a message of her own to honor the late actor.

Dolly Parton called Leslie Jordan her 'lil' brother'

On October 24, soon after the death of Leslie Jordan was announced, Dolly Parton posted a heartfelt message on her Instagram to share her condolences. "Well I am as hurt and shocked as if I have lost a family member," the note, posted as an image, begins. "Leslie and I had a special bond, I think the world felt they had a special bond with him. I know people always say 'Oh, they will be missed' but in this case that could not be more true. He will be missed by everyone who knew him personally and by everyone who was entertained by him. Rest in peace lil' brother."

According to NPR, Jordan released an album of gospel songs last year called "Company's Comin'" that featured a duet with Parton. In an interview with ET Canada, the actor said of the country music legend, "She makes you so relaxed. She just is who she is. People say, 'What's she like?' Well you know what she's like! ... I count her as one of the best."