Sally Beauty's Affordable Bond-Building Haircare Line Is Here To Rival Olaplex

Hair care is an ever-growing market that often gets overpopulated with a lot of brands trying to pitch the same products all working at very different efficacy levels. With such a densely populated market it can get nearly impossible to crack the code on what actually works and what doesn't. Especially considering how delicate of an area hair can be. Using the wrong products can result in a frizzy, burnt-out, and wire-y mess. This is why when Olaplex launched its completely unique bond-repair range, the hair care world was never the same.

Bond-repair haircare works in a special way to repair your hair from within. This isn't a temporary fix, most bond-repair ranges work to deeply heal the chemical bonds in your hair and improve it to help it recover from over-styling or over-dyeing, per Allure. Olaplex may have cracked the code on the unique haircare method, and they remain a holy grail for many as their range continues to expand from a simple repairing salon treatment to an at-home entire haircare system. Of course, this came with multiple brands attempting to pitch the exact same treatment and often failing to hit the mark. Well, Sally Beauty has officially chimed in, and it looks like it might give Olaplex a run for its money this time.

Sally Beauty offers bond repair to heal up from your hair dye

Sally Beauty is a destination for all of your beauty needs. While Sephora and Ulta may have their fair share, Sally Beauty's niche is providing exclusive products. A classic store like Sally, is often not taken seriously when it comes to its own brand. Well, it's time to stop sleeping on Sally Beauty, especially as it releases its very own bond-repair range. 

Named "BondBar," it features four products: pre-shampoo, shampoo, conditioner, and styling cream, per Glossy. The best part is that the range is super affordable with each product only costing $9.99, per Sally Beauty. The chicly packaged range uses that same popular bonding technology to strengthen and repair damaged hair. VP of Global Product Development for Sally Beauty, Steve Chattin, explains, "We felt like [individual bond-building products] would have gotten less attention or [gotten lost] in the noise of the store. We wanted to pump up the attributes and the visual presentation to better showcase the [hair-care] solution to the consumer," per Glossy. 

As a store that heavily sells hair dyeing products, this is a genius move to also offer the products that can help keep your hair healthy. GVP of Merchandising for Sally Beauty, Maryann Herskowitz, clearly understands her market as she explains, "We knew the consumer was coloring her hair with vivid hair color. We knew she was heat-styling a lot. And we also knew she was on the quest for healthier hair," per Glossy.