How Planned Parenthood Plans To Make Abortion Rights A Closing Argument In The 2022 Election

With the overturning of Roe v. Wade back in June, the Supreme Court ruled that abortion rights and many other reproductive rights including access to contraceptives and life-saving procedures are no longer federally protected. It will be up to individual states to decide what policies they will implement regarding these medical decisions. While this felt like a win for the conservative agenda, it has become a hot topic for the midterm elections that might not turn out in their favor. Many political experts and polls predict that this topic will determine many of the elections that were previously assumed to be a conservative win, per US News.

This is yet another historical moment in the Roe v. Wade timeline, thanks to the young voters who are pro-abortion rights that are planning to use their voices and their votes this November. Planned Parenthood, a leading source of reproductive health for over 100 years, per their website, is fighting back the best way they know how: by advocating for the importance of reproductive health with the facts and putting their money where their mouth is.

With abortion rights up for debate, the midterm elections are more important than ever

According to AP News, Planned Parenthood has pledged to spend over $50 million before the midterm elections this November in support of access to abortion rights. The money allocated will "focus on governor's offices, U.S. Senate seats and legislative races in nine states where abortion rights could be restricted or expanded." The midterm elections, that historically are not invested in nearly as often, are seeing the consequences of the supreme court's ruling. Planned Parenthood spokesperson ​​Amy Kennedy called this election the "most important election cycle in our lifetime." Many surveys are showing that the topic of abortion rights will really drive women to the polls in November.

US News reports that polling has varied amongst different sides of this political debate: one survey suggested that more conservative-leaning voters will swing decisions in their favor during the midterm elections, while Pew Research Center polling sees a rise in the demand for abortion rights that may win out. In a statement issued after the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Planned Parenthood saw the vote as a call to action, asking everyone who believes in abortion rights to "stand up and act." 

While we are unsure about how the midterm elections will play out in the coming weeks, we know the race will be a close one thanks to the efforts and actions of organizations like Planned Parenthood.