Why The Young And The Restless Spoilers Have Fans Lining Up For Team Diane

For the better part of 2022, the main storyline on "The Young and the Restless" has revolved around bringing Diane Jenkins back to the show. When Diane first returned to Genoa City, she was forced to explain the decision to fake her own death to everyone she came across — most notably Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman), Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford), Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott), and her own son, Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor), per Soaps in Depth. The apology tour went on for quite a while before Diane had enough. However, despite her pleas for everyone to accept her at face value, many people in Genoa City still want to see Diane fail and drive her out of town.

Phyllis and Nikki eventually teamed up with Jack's sister Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson), to hatch a plot to destroy Diane. None of the women truly believe that Diane's a reformed woman, and they've made it their mission to uncover any of her secrets. Phyllis, in particular, has lost everything due to her crusade against Diane, including her coveted role as owner of The Grand Phoenix hotel. Nikki even traveled to Los Angles to meet with her ex-husband, Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kenan), to see if he knew of any skeletons hiding in Diane's closet (via TV Insider).

Though there are many characters on the canvas battling against Diane, viewers watching at home are taking a far different stance. Fans aren't as ready to rally against her as the trio of wronged women on "Y&R" are.

Fans feel compelled to take Diane's side

The official Twitter account for "The Young and the Restless" posted a spoiler video for this week's episodes, and once again all eyes are on Diane Jenkins. Ashley Abbott, Nikki Newman, and Phyllis Summers are more determined than ever before to ruin her. But Diane is at her tipping point, and she's not going down without a fight. This never-ending war between the women has fans flocking to social media to defend Diane. Since returning to town, Diane has been lying to the Abbott family, and everyone — Jack Abbott included — is waiting for her to slip up and expose the true villain underneath her facade.

One viewer, wanting Diane to be free of the attacks, tweeted, "My God! Leave Diane alone. This crap with Phyllis, Nikki, and Ashley is old! They're acting like mean high school girls." Another fan didn't mince any words about their support of Diane, writing, "Is it bad or wrong that I find myself rooting [for] Diane?" adding, "so over Phyllis, Nikki & Ashley's shenanigans. I've also been enjoying Jack & Diane's scenes from the beginning. [Great] chemistry! Please surprise me, writers, & let her really care [for] & [heart] Jack & Kyle."

Another fan wants the storyline over quickly, saying, "Can we move on? For the love of God. Just stop. Diane isn't the devil. And she certainly has not done anything worse than Phyllis and Nikki have done."

Only time will tell if Diane can keep up her deception or if Genoa City's most powerful women will finally take her down.