How The October 25 New Moon Will Affect You If You're A Capricorn

Though a new moon occurs every 29.5 days, it may be difficult to notice, because, unlike a full moon — which is glowing and bold because it's being illuminated by the sun — a new moon shows the side of the moon that isn't lit up by the sun (via Almanac). For this reason, it is darker and more hidden.

The only time you can see a new moon is when it passes in front of the sun resulting in a solar eclipse, according to National Geographic. The October 25 new moon arrives promptly, as does a partial solar eclipse. Once a new moon occurs, you may notice a crescent moon appearing in the sky in the days that follow.

While you may not always see the new moon in the dark sky, you may feel it. Depending on your zodiac sign, it may bring about exciting new beginnings, and this is especially true for Capricorns.

Romance may be intense for Capricorns

New moons and solar eclipses signal change. Specifically, they are a sign that things will not, and should not stay the same.

The October eclipse comes during Scorpio season and oddly enough, Venus will line up with it. This may cause very strong emotion indeed, as mysterious Scorpio aligns with romantic Venus. The result is profound passion (via Today).

Single Capricorns may find themselves falling for a friend. "A sudden event may transpire that sparks a union between Capricorn and one of their acquaintances, marking the end of a friendship and the start of a new romance," astrologer Ryan Marquardt told Bustle. "Online dating is also strong for Capricorns now, so they may connect with someone new on a dating app and see that relationship start to unfold."

Partnered Capricorns may find that they are devoting too much time to either their relationship or their partner and need to reach a balance between the two.

Capricorns will feel flirty and attract potential partners

Even if Capricorns don't have a friend they may be falling for, this new moon will still help them advance their efforts in the romantic department. Though Capricorns live their lives being the responsible, dutiful, and somewhat repressed ones — as Co-Star Astrology notes — the new moon will help the sea goat let its hair down. According to Stylecaster, the earth sign will find themselves very attracted to and interested in certain people they encounter.

However, be careful Capricorns, because the people you are drawn to may not be the best for you. This eclipse and new moon will be a time for flirting and for you to loosen up a bit but you must also be discerning (via Cosmopolitan).

Do your homework before getting involved and make sure they aren't already in a relationship, whether married or partnered. This shouldn't be too difficult for pragmatic Capricorns who typically have high morals and strive to do the right thing.