Here's What You Need To Know About The Massive Dry Shampoo Recall

If you are prone to greasy hair or just your typical lazy night of not wanting to shower, you likely have a bottle of dry shampoo in your bathroom cabinet. According to Heathline, dry shampoo is used to reduce the appearance of grease and oil in hair and is a beloved product due to its easy application (no need to rinse it!) and its ability to make your hair look clean even after a long day or a sweaty workout.

Sounds like magic right? Unfortunately, that magic is actually alcohol and starch-based ingredients. And while dry shampoo can be great in a pinch, overusing it can also lead to inflammation on the scalp, dandruff, and rashes, per WebMD. But recently, there has been more concern surrounding the beauty product. Unilever, who owns a ton of beauty brands, recently recalled 19 different dry shampoo products due to the harmful ingredients found in its bottles. Here's what you need to know before spraying on your dry shampoo.

Some dry shampoo brands have been found to contain a harmful chemical

On October 18, 2022, Unilever made an important announcement letting consumers know of a recall to certain dry shampoo products. The reason for the recall was the presence of Benzene in the products, a harmful chemical that has been shown to cause cancer and life-threatening blood disorders.

According to NBC News, all the recalled products were made before October 2021 and include a variety of different brands. The one thing each recalled product has in common is the fact that they are aerosol sprays. The brands affected include Dove, Bed Head, Suave, and Tresemme (the full list of specific recalled products can be found here).

If you do have one of these products in your cabinet, it's best to throw it away — but don't be too worried. Unilever has chosen to recall these products out of "an abundance of caution" and there have been no known reports of bad reactions to the products thus far. And if you can't live without your "Bed Head Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo," all products currently in stores should now be safe to use.