How To Recreate Lady Gaga's Rain On Me Makeup

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From a dress made entirely of meat to a male alter-ego named Jo Calderone, Lady Gaga has had some outrageous outfits over the years. She's also had five number-one hits to date, along with 17 top-ten hits, and 35 songs on Billboard's Hot 100 chart. And then, there are the awards; 13 Grammys, one Oscar, two Golden Globes, and a slew of MTV Video Music Awards, including one for best collaboration with Ariana Grande for their hit duet, "Rain On Me."

"Rain On Me" debuted at the number-one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. In fact, it was the song that broke records for both Lady Gaga and Grande, as reported by Entertainment Weekly at the time. For Gaga, it was her fourth single to reach the top, giving her a hit in each of the last three decades — a huge achievement. For Grande, it was her fifth No. 1, bestowing upon her the title of the only artist to have the most songs debut at number one.

The music video for "Rain On Me" has well over 375 million views on YouTube at the time of writing, and for good reason. The powerhouse voices of Gaga and Grande are enough to captivate any viewer, but add in the costume changes and stunning makeup looks, and you've got a real visual treat. Here's how to create Gaga's "Rain On Me" look yourself. 

How to recreate the white eyeshadow and crystal tears

Lady Gaga wears a super-cool white eyeshadow look in "Rain On Me," mostly during her dance routines with Ariana Grande. Makeup artist Sarah Tanno was the mastermind behind all of Gaga's looks for the video, and on Instagram, she shared how this one was brought to life. "I created a solid white wing using Haus Labs Stupid Love Palette in 911," Tanno explained, referring of course to Gaga's own makeup line

Tanno continued, "I then added definition with [Haus Labs] Punk Eye.Lie.Ner." Gaga's lip color was created by layering Haus Labs Myth RIP Lip Liner, Haus Labs Dust Le Monster Matte Lip Crayon, and Haus Labs Entranced Le Riot Lip Gloss. In other scenes, Gaga is adorned with dripping, sparkly tears. "I wanted it to look like she was crying diamonds," Tanno revealed, adding, "I used two shapes of @swarovski crystals."

Tanno is Lady Gaga's go-to makeup artist and has created many of the singer's most iconic looks. She's also the global artistry director of Haus Laboratories, her beauty brand. Gaga was even a bridesmaid in Tanno's wedding, with the makeup artist telling InStyle: "Gaga and I have the same aesthetic and feeling toward beauty. It comes from a place of storytelling and of empowerment." 

The Rain On Me wet look is also easily achievable

"Rain On Me" opens with Lady Gaga laying in the rain, drops of water sliding artistically down her face, which is accented with chain eyeliner, spikes, and red lips. Makeup artist Sarah Tanno shared on Instagram: "I created this eyeliner by laying cut pieces of chains around her eyes to frame them, and [Haus Labs] Punk Eye.Lie.Ner to add definition" alongside "stud-like piercings." 

Gaga's lip color was Haus Labs Slayer Lip Liner, and Haus Labs Mastered Le Monster Matte Lip Crayon. The singer designed Haus Labs with Tanno and, on their company website, Gaga wrote, "My vision for Haus Labs centers around the future of clean makeup, supercharged products with innovative formulations and novel ingredients." In a tutorial where she applied Haus Labs products to create her own look (via YouTube), the singer shared her beauty philosophy — although Gaga looks great without makeup, too — noting: "I believe that makeup is all about building, and all about artistry." 

She also discussed Haus Labs' origins. Gaga shared, "The makeup company that I wanted to build was a makeup company that made makeup that mattered, makeup that's good for your skin, makeup that's clean and good for the planet, and makeup that is colorful and doesn't compromise color for your values." Her line is currently available on the Haus Labs website, on Amazon, and at Sephora, if you're looking to recreate "Rain On Me" in the comfort, and dryness, of your own home.