The Real Reason Lady Gaga's Haus Makeup Line Completely Failed

Lady Gaga is a multi-talented artist. She's a Grammy award-winning singer, an actress in popular films like "A Star is Born" and "House of Gucci," and has walked in high-end fashion shows (via Billboard). She's also a fashion and beauty icon, so when she decided to add another aspect to her illustrious career in the form of a beauty brand, fans were excited.


With so many celebrity makeup lines on the market, with mega-stars like Rihanna and Selena Gomez launching their own brands, it can be hard to stand out (per E! News). Gaga, a huge superstar in her own right, seemed to get lost in the shuffle. When she launched her makeup line, Haus Laboratories, two years ago, she made a promo video stating, "The last thing the world needs is another beauty brand, but that's too bad. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but at Haus Laboratories, we say beauty is how you see yourself."

Unfortunately, Haus Laboratories did not get the same praise as other celebrity beauty brands. 

Gaga's brand had an unconventional launch

When Lady Gaga launched her makeup line, Haus Laboratories, fans of the talented artist were excited to see what products and new eyeshadow palettes would be available in the collection. However, the brand seemed to fall flat. According to Business Insider, Gaga choosing to release her line on Amazon rather than in-person beauty retailers like Sephora or Ulta may have stifled her sales. The company is now hoping a shift from Amazon-only sales and a full rebrand will improve sales.


Gaga announced the switch from online-only sales to a Sephora launch on Instagram, writing, "I'm extremely excited to announce that we are bringing brand-new, supercharged, clean artistry makeup to the world, through a place that has inspired me for years, Sephora." The singer continued, "At Haus Labs, artistry is for everyone, and no one should have to damage their skin or sacrifice their principles and values to be self-expressive with high-performance makeup."

Haus Labs, which is taking over Haus Laboratories, hits Sephora's shelves on June 9 with new products (via HypeBae).