The 5 Best Recipes From Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay is easily one of the most known faces in the modern culinary world. Known for his biting remarks delivered in a British accent, the Scottish-born, and English-raised chef rose to prominence in the culinary world during the 1990s.

According to TV Guide, Ramsay has been on 27 TV shows, with "Masterchef" and "Kitchen Nightmares" being among the most notable ones. "Hell's Kitchen," arguably Ramsay's most famous show, is currently on its 21st season and has already been renewed for its 22nd, per Deadline. The show, which focuses on taking line cooks out of the background, has produced a number of successful winners.

Despite being known for his harsh comments and raging disposition, Ramsay has prospered in the restaurant industry. He's the head of one of the largest privately owned restaurant groups in the UK, earning a total of 16 Michelin Stars throughout the course of his career. With 18 restaurants in London alone, the restauranter has expanded outside of the UK to open up shop in Dubai, France, Singapore, and the U.S.

With mounting success, fans of the culinary genius have chosen some of their favorite recipes from Gordon Ramsay's kitchen. Here are five we think you should recreate at home.

1. Scrambled eggs

These aren't your ordinary, run-of-the-mill scrambled eggs. Ramsay elevates the dish by using free-range eggs and adding chives. Free-range eggs come from hens that are granted access to roam outside, giving them a healthier quality of life (via Medical News Today). The star of the show, however, is the crème fraîche. Cooking with crème fraîche gives you the depth of cream without the heaviness, per Real California Milk. It also has a rich, nutty flavor. Ramsay recommends pairing these eggs with a side of spinach and spicy chorizo.

2. Truffle mac and cheese

Ramsay's truffle mac and cheese elevates this reliable comfort food to a new level. Rather than simply using cheddar or gouda, Ramsay opts for parmesan and mature cheddar, accompanied by delicious Comté cheese. The cheese, named after the region in France from which it comes, is known for its clean and fruity notes with a sweet and salty nutty undertone (via Castello). With star anise added for a savory flavor, the mac and cheese is finished with a truffle breadcrumb topping. Truffles add an earthy and irresistible aroma and flavor that completes the comforting quality of this dish.

3. Fish and mushy peas

Try your hand at this classic English meal. This beer battered fish and mushy peas recipe is as simple as it is delicious. For the best result, opt for the best quality haddock, pollock, or cod filets that you can find. In the batter, Ramsay uses rice flour along with plain flour. Rice flour doesn't absorb much oil when frying, delivering crispy and non-greasy results every time, per USA Rice. Meanwhile, the beer in the batter allows the fish to cook faster, lowering the risk of overcooking your food, according to Scientific American. Finish the meal off with a side of fries — or chips, if you will.

4. Beef wellington

If you're looking for another English classic with a bit more difficulty, try the beef wellington — Ramsay's signature dish. Although hard to achieve, this meal is traditionally eaten on holidays. Pull this dish out at your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner if you're looking to impress. The meal is essentially a filet of beef covered with finely chopped mushrooms and pâté, wrapped in a puff pastry, and baked. Ramsay lays out the recipe in three components, with the duxelles (mushroom and pâté mixture), filet, and crepe being prepared separately before combining them together.

5. World's best brownies

For dessert, whip up a batch of Ramsay's "world's best" brownies. If made correctly, these brownies should come out with a deep, creamy middle and slightly crispy edges. Ramsay uses dark chocolate in the brownies, which not only provides a rich flavor but has several health benefits, too. The recipe calls for the use of caster sugar, a fine-textured sugar that dissolves more quickly than granulated sugar, according to Allrecipes. If you want these chocolate treats to pack an extra punch, finely chop up chunks of chocolate and throw them into the batter halfway through baking. When finished, top with sea salt and enjoy!