Jessa Duggar Seewald's Latest Instagram Post Has Fans Worried For Her Son

The stars of the reality show "Counting On" got plenty of experience in parenthood. As part of the famous mega-family of 19 kids, the oldest Duggar daughters were part of a "buddy system" in which they helped raise their younger sibs (via In Touch Weekly). Even so, that hasn't stopped them from facing their share of challenges and doubts with their own children. Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth has worried about her son's apparent speech delays, and had him evaluated. Jill Duggar Dillard's new baby was born a couple of weeks premature, and spent some extra time in the hospital (via the Dillard Family website). Now, another Duggar daughter has revealed a scary mom crisis.

On October 26, Jessa Duggar Seewald posted an Instagram video promoting a Christian healthcare cost-sharing plan. Based on the Biblical model of "bearing one another's burdens," the plan collects money from members and uses it to help reimburse their medical expenses. Jessa has promoted this sponsorship before, so this new plug didn't sit well with followers who have had bad experiences with the system. "This did not work for us, unfortunately, it was extremely stressful under this, and a lot out of pocket," said one commenter. Another agreed: "Unfortunately, I think a lot of people were sold an exciting plan for healthcare within the ministry community that ultimately does not exist."

However, other fans of Jessa were more alarmed by some of the photos she used in her post, which show a mother's worst nightmare.

Jessa's son Spurgeon had a medical emergency

As part of her sponsored post for a Christian healthcare cost ministry, Jessa Duggar Seewald shared a series of photos on Instagram. Some were sweet memories of pregnancies, births, and family outings to parks and county fairs. Jessa and her husband, Ben, have four children, ranging from Spurgeon Elliot — who's about to turn 7 — to one-year-old Fern Elliana (via In Touch Weekly). 

However, the slideshow also showed a scary ER visit. Spurgeon was shown being wheeled into the hospital on a gurney, lying in a bed hooked up to a pulse oximeter, and undergoing a CT scan. The pictures appear to have been taken recently, but this was the first time Jessa has shared them on Instagram or even mentioned that her son had been hurt or ill. Her YouTube channel has no record of the incident, either. "What happened to Spurgeon?" several fans asked. At least one respondent opined that this was Jessa Duggar's latest blunder on social media: "Using a sick kid to promote. Gross."

Jessa hasn't offered an explanation of the worrisome pictures, but hopefully this was a short-lived emergency. With four active children, there's always a risk of an accident happening at some point. Recently, she shared a picture of her sons caught in the act of trying to climb a stool atop a bench. "New Seewald house rule: No stacking anything on top of anything and then standing on top of the second anything," she wrote.