Royals Expert Has Harsh Words About Prince Harry Being 'The Spare'

After much buzz and fanfare, we finally know a little bit about Prince Harry's upcoming memoir. The title of the tome, "Spare," is enough for royal fans to raise their eyebrows. While the meaning behind the name of the autobiography the Duke of Sussex penned with the help of a ghost writer is open to some interpretation, the wait will be over when "Spare" is released on January 10, 2023 (via CNN and ARY News).

For now, and in light of the title, plenty of people are speculating about what will be revealed in the book. According to People, Harry is referring to "the heir and the spare" adage with his title choice, and therefore, is likely to dig deep into his relationship with his brother Prince William, who is second in line to the throne. The title may also be a take on the "spare heir" nickname that haunted Harry as a kid.

Meanwhile, the imminent drop of "Spare" may have the Prince of Wales and other royal family members on edge (via The Spectator). The title certainly left them speechless according to insiders. And at least one royals expert is blasting the duke for his choice to move forward with his claims about being "the spare."

Did Prince Harry want to be heir instead of spare?

Angela Levin, a royals expert who previously published a biography about Prince Harry, is not taking kindly to the Duke of Sussex playing on the spare notion in his upcoming and highly-anticipated book.

"If Harry hated being 'the spare' would he have wanted to be heir to the throne?" Levin asked in a scathing tweet on Sunday. "My guess is NO!" she continued, adding Harry "should be grateful." Levin's tweet ended with the author speaking directly to the former subject of her storytelling, advising the duke to "Stop treating his hard working family with contempt" and to "feel lucky" that he has the opportunity to move on with his own life.

Interestingly, Harry previously claimed in a 2017 interview that no one in the British royal family actually wants to be monarch, but steps up out of duty "at the right time" (via The Guardian). That said, previously it's been reported that at one point while they were growing up, Prince William didn't want to be king — and Harry had said he would take the job (via Express).

As it stands now, the Duke of Sussex stands fifth in line for the throne.