Why Elizabeth's Bitter Reunion With Her Parents Have Fans Cheering

In 1997, "General Hospital" saw rebellious teenager Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) arrive in Port Charles on the doorstep of her grandmother, Audrey Hardy (Rachel Ames), much to the surprise of her sister, Sarah Webber (Jennifer Sky), via YouTube. According to Soap Central, Liz's parents were Dr. Jeff Webber (then Richard Dean Anderson) and Carolyn Webber. Jeff had left Port Charles years prior, married Carolyn, and they had their two daughters off-screen. Eventually, Sarah was sent to live with Audrey, and Liz was sent to a couple named Kenny and Jessica Johnson who became her guardians. After acting out tremendously, Elizabeth got fed up with punishments, took the money she had, and absconded to Port Charles permanently. Over the 25 years since Liz has been there, Jeff and Carolyn have never visited her, opting to work with Doctors Without Borders instead.

Per Soap Opera Spy, Elizabeth has been having some psychiatric difficulties lately, along with strange, possibly dire memories from her youth resurfacing that have something to do with Reiko Finn (Mele Ihara) — the late wife of Liz's current beau, Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton). Liz and her friend Terry Randolph (Cassandra James) have decided to travel to Monterey where Liz's parents currently reside, to seek some answers (via Soap Hub). 

Now Elizabeth has finally come face to face with her parents, Jeff (now William Moses) and Carolyn — with Denise Crosby cast in the role — and fans are over the moon about the confrontation.

Elizabeth Webber finally confronts her parents for abandoning her

On "General Hospital," after 25 years, Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) has finally come face to face with her parents that left her in Port Charles all those years ago and never checked in with her. Executive producer Frank Valentini posted on Twitter, "Amazing scenes with Elizabeth and her parents – don't miss!" Fans were delighted to see this story finally play out with one writing, "Hello Frank! I cannot wait to see Rebecca work her magic with William R. Moses and Denise Crosby. This is long-awaited for lifelong GH fans like myself: the appearance of Dr. Jeff Webber and Dr. Carolyn Webber! Thank for doing this for us." 

"General Hospital" followed up Valentini's tweet with another, stating, "Elizabeth is ready to confront her parents... or so she thought. Are they willing to hear her out?" Between both tweets, fans were more than happy to point out Herbst's fantastic acting as well, with one replying, "Rebecca Herbst deserves an Emmy for this episode." Another wrote, "Give @RebeccaLHerbst all the awards now. Amazing scene. She always delivers. She is simply the best!!!"

As Soap Central reported, Herbst celebrated her 25th year on "GH" in August saying, "I have been so, so fortunate over the years to have worked with such incredible people." Considering the longevity actors have on daytime TV, odds are that she will enjoy another 25 years on the show.